John Ray Is a Rock Star

In a recent blog I discussed how I sought out music that challenged me, and apparently I feel same way about drama, because I was quite fond of The Sweet, Burning Yonder by John Ray. Yes, he had given me a synopsis of the play, and yes, I read the program before the performance, but knowing what a play is “about” doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re ever totally grounded…and I don’t think you’re supposed to be when you watch a play by John Ray. The Sweet, Burning Yonder played to sold-out crowds all five nights at the Fringe Festival this year, and to me it embodies the spirit of that festival; it’s experimental, bizarre, funny and strange at the same time that  sheds some light on dark themes. Continue reading “John Ray Is a Rock Star”

Disaster, Discovery and Dolphins

The Ninth Annual Cincinnati Fringe Festival is now upon us. From May 29 to June 9 performances ranging from wacky to edgy will stimulate, challenge and entertain audiences that continue to grow.

For me this year is especially of interest because it will feature a world premier by John Ray, a writer whose work I know from the days when I was a regular both as an audience member and performer at the Performance Times Arts Series. Continue reading “Disaster, Discovery and Dolphins”