A Fine Way to Kick off the Cincinnati Film Festival

Along with reminding people that the Cincinnati Film Festival begins this Thursday, I wanted to point out that the lead-off movie will kick things off in style.

The Cincinnati Beer Story focuses on the history of beer-making (and, come to think of it, beer drinking) in Cincinnati. With micro-breweries popping up everywhere and Moerlein Lager House opening its doors, the timing seems perfect for this film. It will show at 7:30 pm at the Emery Theatre, but a walking tour will precede it; here’s a link to the actual event:


The Cincinnati Film Festival has posted a schedule for all the nights along with descriptions of the films on www.cincinnatifilmfestival.com. As you check out the schedules, pay attention to which venue is showing that film that night, as there are several different locations.

That said, most of the movies will be appearing at the Esquire Theatre, which will have  one room devoted exclusively to the festival from Friday through Monday. To bring things full circle, the Esquire now serves alcohol, including White Russians, as many Big Lebowski fans discovered during the recent midnight showings of the film. Beer, popcorn and a movie – now there’s a combination.

The Cincinnati Film Festival Returns September 6 – 14

The Cincinnati Film Festival is returning to Cincinnati on September 6-14. Today I had a chance to talk to Executive Director of the festival, Katharine Steele, about the event. For this, the third year, the primary (but not the sole) location will be the Esquire Theatre in Clifton, and as I talked to Katharine it became clear that along with bringing in movies from all over, the festival is as much about people, and Cincinnati, as it is about movies.  “We have more filmmakers coming in this year than in any of the three years, from NYC to LA and everywhere in between,” she explained. “It’s all about welcoming them here, showcasing their films to a new audience, and introducing the filmmakers to our city. If they like Cincinnati, maybe they’ll want to make a movie here.”

For more information on the festival, go to the festival’s website, cincinnatifilmfestival.com.

How do you choose the movies you choose?

The majority of the films are submissions through Without a Box, an online submission tool. This year we had submissions open from April 1 to July 1. Then our all-volunteer screening committee and staff reviews and puts down feedback for our submitted films. Submitted films that are accepted become part of our Official Selections, eligible for juried awards. Invited films, which usually already have distribution, are not. Continue reading “The Cincinnati Film Festival Returns September 6 – 14”

Rastaman Vibrations at the Esquire

I had a chance to see the Bob Marley documentary at the Esquire Theatre last night, and I’m glad I did.

Strangely, I may have enjoyed the early part of the movie the most. The first 45 minutes or an hour focused on Bob Marley before he broke (Catch a Fire in 1973 was the LP that made the world notice), which means there was none of the excitement of the stage shows that electrified audiences seeing him for the first time (although there was plenty of that in the film, and I enjoyed it as well). Continue reading “Rastaman Vibrations at the Esquire”

Esquire Theatre Now Serves Alcohol


I’m sure that most people reading this blog feel as if they’re living in a utopia, but something happened recently that will make our world even better. For what seems like years (maybe it was just the anticipation) rumors have been circulating about a change at The Esquire Theatre on Ludlow Avenue that will add a whole new dimension to movie-going, and it finally happened. That’s right, folks: our very own movie theater now has a bar!  Continue reading “Esquire Theatre Now Serves Alcohol”