Higher End Apartments at a Reasonable Cost: 550 Lowell Ave. in Clifton

Some nice apartments just opened up in Clifton, and lots of them: currently there are 11 units available at 550 Lowell Avenue, which is within walking distance of the University of Cincinnati.

The reason so many apartments became available at once is that the entire 12-unit building was recently remodeled. Because of that, this a rare opportunity to rent fresh new apartments at a low price. These units, which can work as  two-bedroom apartments or as one bedrooms with an office, are just $795 a month with free heat and water.

The amenities include the following: dishwasher; built-in microwave; ceiling fans; large European showers; all new wood flooring; new kitchen cabinets, new windows and new lighting fixtures. And don’t forget: the location is great: you’ll be within walking distance of the University of Cincinnati and Ludlow Avenue, where the best movie theater in the city is centrally located.

Call 513.861.6000 to set up an appointment to see these apartments or any of the myriad of other apartments Gaslight Property has available in the greater Cincinnati area.



Why College Hill Coffee Company is So Popular

When I dropped by the College Hill Coffee Company on Saturday morning it was already hopping, with many tables occupied and people in line for carry-out. I have a theory why the coffee house is so popular, and it’s a simple theory. Sure, the coffee is good and the service is nice and it’s a comfortable space with a neighborhood feel, but there’s one other thing the coffee house gets just right, and I can sum it up in three words:

Location, location, location.

At the corner of Hamilton and North Bend in College Hill, the coffee house is as centrally located as it can be. It’s smack dab in the middle of the city, and it’s close to everything—which is worth mentioning because there are apartments above the coffee house that are available for rental through Gaslight Property.

These are four-room apartments with hardwood floors and off-street parking, plus they’re on the bus line: here’s a link (w/photos) to one of the apartments:


One other plus: the apartments are right about a coffee house. When I visited on Saturday I asked a server the question that’s been haunting me ever since the weather got hot: what do you recommend for a really refreshing drink? Her answer was a frozen chocolate frappe with white chocolate, espresso and carmel. She said this personal favorite was “sort of on the menu,” which implies a certain amount of experimentation in the search for the perfect drink, so feel free when you visit to tweak your orders when you visit.