The Marx Brothers Are Coming to the Esquire

Every night the Esquire Theatre host special event movies that stylistically run the gamut.

They’ve been showing their share of art films – classics by Bergman, Eisenstein, and Orson Welles, for example – that are profound masterpieces of cinematic art.

But the Esquire also shows movies that deliver pure zaniness, like some classic films by the Marx Brothers. Groucho, Chico, and Harpo made 12 films together, and all of them are worth seeing.

The three mid-career gems that will be showing on the big screen, however, present the Marx Brothers at the top of their game.

On Wednesday, February 19, Duck Soup (1933) will play at 7pm.

At 7pm on Wednesday, February 26, look for Night at the Opera (1935).

And at 7pm on Wednesday, March 4, the Esquire will present A Day at the Races (1936).

The movies by the Marx Brothers are so bizarre that their fans included such Absurdists and Surrealists as Antonin Artaud, Samuel Beckett, and Salvador Dali. Their movies were like a nonstop adrenaline rush except for that one scene, about two-thirds of the way through each film, where one or more of the Marx Brothers, often in the company of a couple seemingly failed to save from ruin, sit there looking dejected.

But things always turn out okay, in love and – in the case of Duck Soup – war:

See you at the show!

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