Academy Award Winner Parasite Is at the Esquire

No one had Parasite slated to win an Academy Award. For one thing the movie, which is showing at the Esquire Theatre on Ludlow Avenue in Clifton, is a foreign-language film, and until now not a single non-English film brought home a trophy for best film.

And we all know how the Academy Awards prefer huge,  blockbuster movies with big stars and lots of special effects.

Yet it won Academy Awards for best film, best director, best screenplay, and best international feature.

The movie has been showing at the Esquire for a couple months, so obviously it’s found an audience. But winning the Academy Awards means it will continue to show there – in fact, the crowds will increase.

Parasite is one more reason to visit the Esquire Theatre – which, don’t forget, has classic “special event” films every night – and, while you’re in the neighborhood, roam around a bit; you’ll find plenty more to do.

Here’s a trailer for Parasite:


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