The New Ron Esposito CD Is Called Triad

Ron Esposito is a musician who plays a very old instrument. Singing bowls go back at least as far as the tenth century, and they continue to be used in monasteries and meditation centers.

And there’s another place once can hear them nowadays: on television.

That’s right, as Esposito’s singing bowl recordings have been played on Hawaii 5-0, Nashville, Touch, Common Law, and Ray Donovan. And you can also hear Ron’s music on John Diliberto’s Echoes.

Ron has just released a new CD called Triad, and while singing bowls are an essential element of the record, they interact with other instruments, including cello, native flute, electric guitar, acoustic bass, voices, and various forms of percussion. The result is a colorful blend of sounds and musical styles.

At times various instruments come together and create a full soundscape, and at other times the performances pare down to one or two instruments. And on some tracks Ron reads from spiritual texts, including Tao Te Ching, with minimal musical accompaniment.

This is music that can be used for meditation, but even non-meditators like myself will find that listening to Triad helps bring the mind into focus and clear out some of the cobwebs.

Lately here I’ve managed to cobble together a decent stereo system, and when I threw Triad in my CD player I was very impressed by the warm, full sound of the recording—that and the high level of musicianship. Ron’s been active in the music scene around Cincinnati for a long time, and when it’s come to assembling an A-team list of musicians, he doesn’t mess around. Names include guitar Brandon Scott Coleman and cellist Michael G. Ronstadt, both of whom are seasoned players both as leaders and sidemen.

You can hear clips from, and purchase, Triad on the following link:

And you can also purchase the CD locally at Shake-It Records and Everybody’s Records.

Here’s a video of Ron in action:

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