Vote For Josephine!


Josephine is the daughter of some friends of mine who live in Northside and have some Clifton roots. Josephine is 21 months old, and after her mother posted a comment on Facebook encouraging people to vote for Josephine as the cutest kid in the Gerber Photo Search contest I thought, now that’s something I can get behind! And we should all get behind it, as I went through all the photos and discovered, quite objectively, that Josephine indeed WAS the cutest kid in the contest, no doubt about it. So help my friends out and vote for Josephine!

Here’s the link with her face and number already chosen:

The procedure is basically self-explanatory, except to save time you want to have Josephine’s number handy, which is 238352. Here are the steps (you probably won’t need all this, but in case you do):

  • Click where it says Login to Vote
  • Sign in using your email, then click Next
  • Click Go to Gallery
  • Where it says Baby’s First Name Or ID, type Josephine’s number, which is 238352. Doing so will bring up the photo of Josephine.

After you do that, a window will pop up that will include the words Vote Now; click that and you’re done…except that you can vote once a day until November 25, so bookmark the page in order to keep voting for Josephine. Thanks for helping; here’s hoping she wins!

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