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December Commencement


A total of 6,351 people graduated from the University of Cincinnati in the spring of 2016. That’s a lot of people, and when you consider that was just one year, you realize that you could fill a city with all the people who have graduated from UC.

Given those numbers, you would assume that a Facebook page existed for UC Alumni. We have a Facebook page for everything else, right? But when Cheryl Beardslee searched for one a couple years ago, she discovered it didn’t exist.

So she created one. This was in July 2014, and since then it’s been a valuable tool for UC alumni to connect with each other. I caught wind of this Facebook page indirectly, as Cheryl and I are FB friends, and one day she posted, on her personal FB page, an invitation for other people to join the group.

This is exactly the kind of thing Gaslight Property would support, as it’s pro-Cincinnati and pro-Clifton and pro-UC, so I asked Cheryl what inspired her to create the page.

“One goal is to help people make connections whether they’re able to find long lost college friends or find out that friends they have also went to UC,” she said. “I wanted to create a forum for people to support or even mentor fellow Bearcats.”

“I’m hoping it will give members a way to keep some connection to the place and time in their lives that was their UC experience. People post UC news, UC alumni, or sporting events and general Clifton events.”

On a personal level, Cheryl added, “I grew up as an Army brat. Being forced to leave behind every friend, classmate, school and neighborhood over and over again made me wish to strengthen the bonds between people that were forcibly torn from me as a child.”

This is a great idea, and the numbers will swell as people find out about this Facebook page. So sign up, UC alumni, and also tell your friends. The page seems especially timely with UC’s stature as a university continuing to grow, especially y in recent years, and its contribution to the city becoming more apparent. Here’s a link to the page:

Petey’s Pet Stop Celebrates Its One-Year Anniversary

Peteys Pet Stop

Gaslight Property has made no secret of its enthusiasm for Petey’s Pet Stop since it opened a year ago. Everything about Petey’s suggested a perfect fit from the start: it’s next door to the Howell Avenue Pet Hospital (talk about convenience!), it’s located in the same building as Gaslight Property, the managers of the store both love the strong neighborhood feel of Clifton, and the store offers such a wide range of services that it really does qualify as a “one-stop shop” for all pet lovers (of whom there is a multitude in Clifton + nearby). Petey’s has had a great first year, and it wants to celebrate its success with its 1st Year Anniversary Sale and Celebration today (Friday, September 2) and Saturday. The sale includes 10% off almost everything in the store (not on the cat and dog food, however, but all treats, toys, carriers, crates, collars and leashes, candles, art work, and hand made products), 25% off cat condos, $1.00 off the Self Wash Station, and $2.00 of nail clips. Hours for Petey’s Pet Stop are Tuesday–Friday 9 – 7, Saturday 9 – 5, and they’re closed Sunday and Monday.  Their phone number is 513.221.PETS. Petey’s will have the grill open from 12 – 5 both days and encourages everyone to come by for a hot dog and popcorn. If there’s one sour note to this event, it’s that Petey, the CEO of Petey’s (see below), would like the managers to change the wording of “hot dog” to something else. That’s just something they’ll have to work out between themselves, however!
Peteys Pet Stop CEO




Flamingo Haven Sale This Weekend

Flamingo Haven sign

Have you been to Flamingo Haven yet? It’s the new antique mall located at 4530 W. Mitchell Avenue in Spring Grove Village, so it’s also close to Clifton, Northside, St. Bernard, North Avondale, and other neighborhoods, plus it’s right off I-75. All weekend, from Friday thru Monday, there will be a minimum of 15% off everything in the store, though some conditions apply with a few of the dealers. For many people, it will be a good excuse to come check out the antique mall for the first time. Flamingo Haven is open seven days a week, Monday thru Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm. The phone number is (513) 541-1812. Flamingo Haven has new stuff coming in every day, and the mall owners regularly post photos of new arrivals on their Facebook page—so you’ll want to make sure to “like” Flamingo Haven’s Facebook page. Another new business in Spring Grove Village, Sally’s Treats & Treasures  has a booth there – and don’t forget that Sally’s is located just a few blocks away and is open every Saturday from noon to 6pm.  For people who live in this area, antique malls have always been in distant suburbs and in Northern Kentucky, and it’s nice to have this something like this in our neck of the woods. The owners looked at a dozen other places and knew, as soon as they found this spot, that it was perfect. Come check it out!

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The official Flamingo Haven Antique Mall feline, Winston, is still not for sale, and besides, when they do decide to sell her, other customers should understand that I'll be first in line, because I'm obviously her favorite customer, as you can tell by this picture.
The official Flamingo Haven Antique Mall feline, Winton, is still not for sale, and besides, when they do decide to sell her, other customers should understand that I’ll be first in line, because I’m obviously her favorite customer, as you can tell by this picture.