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Beads + Cookies 9

Now that the weather has warmed up a little, we’re starting to leave our cabins again. If you haven’t made it up to the Ludlow Avenue yet,here are some of the new sites that will greet you as you stroll down the street. First, it looks as if one of the storefronts has officially reached the getting-pretty-close-to-being-open phase; more on this development soon:

Beads + Cookie 1
Wonder what they’ll be selling…


Beads + Cookies 2
Could it be…


Beads + Cookies 3

Also, if you’re wondering what happened to the Bead Joint, it has moved to a new location. It’s still on the same side of the street, this time at 314 Ludlow Avenue. It’s in a smaller space now, yet the new location is so neat and tidy that when you walk in you may scratch your head and wonder how they got everything together in such a short amount of time. Martha gave credit for that to her new business partner, Tabitha, who is super-organized and efficient and the perfect complement to Martha. As I snapped photos Martha told me some of her old customers don’t know yet about her new location, so here I am spreading the word and asking other people that the Bead Joint is up and running again, with a new location and the same cute canine/spiritual advisor as before. (Her name is Sunshine.) The hours for The Bead Joint are Wednesday thru Saturday 11am to 7pm and Sunday 11am to 5pm. The phone number is 513.237.3725 and the email address is

Beads + Bookies 5


Beads + Cookies 7


Beads + Cookies 8


Beads + Cookies 9
Martha, Sunshine, and Tabitha