Petey’s Pet Stop Opens in Clifton

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A store devoted to pets just opened in the Gaslight District. Petey’s Pet Stop is located in the same building as the office for Gaslight Property, which puts it at 311 Howell Ave. (It’s also, appropriately enough, right next door to the Howell Avenue Pet Hospital.) The phone number for the store is 513.221.PETS (7387). The hours are Tuesday through Friday 9am to 7pm and Saturday 9am to 5pm. Petey’s offers the following:

  • DIY bath stations
  • Grooming
  • Pet food & healthy treats
  • Pet gifts & toys
  • Pet accessories
  • Photo booth
  • Boarding

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The managers of the store, Beth McCarty and Linda Sterling, are both pet lovers. Linda’s had bulldogs since she was five years old while Beth is more of a cat person; the store is named after one of their pets, who they consider the CEO and ambassador of the enterprise. Their decision to open the store was fueled by their love of animals and their fondness for Clifton, which appeals to them because it’s a walkable community with a long history of supporting family-owned businesses. No doubt Petey’s Pet Stop will be a hit with all the pet lovers in the area, who have had to travel farther (and, quite often, pay more) for similar items. Beth and Linda made it clear that they are also interested in making deliveries anywhere within five miles of the store, something that will appeal to both super-busy and older citizens. The shop is all about convenience—for example, if you’re too busy to bathe your pet, you can drop your dog off at the doggie day spa on your way to work and pick up a clean and happy pet on your way home.

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After leaving Petey’s Pet Stop I ran into a pet lover who had already been to the store and who mentioned something I didn’t think to ask about while I was there. He had talked to them about their prices, and he found that they were quite reasonable, with prices that are Amazon level or slightly higher –a whole lot less expensive, in other words, than some retailers. Think of it, then, as an affordable place to pamper your pet AND take care of the most practical needs for your dogs, cats, or (fill in the blank). Beth and Linda were both nice and enthusiastic, their store looks bright and colorful with lots of windows, they’re in a great location, and it’s clear already that they’ll be a hit. Come welcome them to the neighborhood!

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