The Church is Coming to The Woodward

The Church


You’ve probably heard by now that the Woodward Theater has opened, but did you know that the Church was going to play there? The Australian-based neo-psychedelic band will take the stage Sunday, March 8; the show begins at 8pm. Tickets are only fifteen bucks. For this tour the Church is playing two sets that mix some of the old stuff with a chunk of the Further/Deeper album, which was released in Oct 2014 but only became available on vinyl a couple weeks ago. That’s important because the vinyl LP contains three bonus cuts—and because good albums are worth seeking out on vinyl. The last time I saw the Church was at Bogart’s during their Gold Afternoon Fix tour. That’s been awhile, but Further/Deeper is dark and mesmerizing and haunting as Starfish, which was the album that got people’s attention in the first place. This cut off the new album, “Miami,” has been a staple in their live performances this tour; you can expect to hear it at the Woodward, offering what me be the final glittering crescendo:

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