Arrietty Is a New Store on Ludlow

ArriettyA couple new stores have popped up on Ludlow Avenue recently. One was the vintage store Lentz and Company, and last week saw the opening of Arrietty, a children’s shop located directly across the street from the Esquire Theatre (as my highly-reflective photograph makes clear)  at 325 Ludlow Avenue.

The owner of the store, Etsuko Adachi, is a long-term Clifton resident – long enough that, when we talked, she waxed nostalgic about New World Bookship. Etsuko emphasized that the store isn’t just for girls (“I have two sons,” she explained) or for that matter young children.

For example, high school girls might be interested in the purses, which are handmade:

Arrietty Handmade Purses








While talking to Etsuko I noticed on the wall behind the counter a stylish piece of electronics that would appeal to many adults. The space-efficient Muji CD player appeals to those of us who want to free up some room at the same time that it has a neat modernist design – enough so that the Museum of Modern Art added the Muji CD player to its collection.

Muji CD Player








Etsuko said that the name of the store was inspired by a character in a movie involving a movie director who now has a film at the Esquire Theatre, an animated feature called The Wind Rises. Such a huge coincidence suggests that Arrietty was meant to be on Ludlow Avenue. The hours are:  Monday closed; Tuesday to Saturday 12:00 to 7:00; Sunday 12:00 to 4:00.

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