Laurel and Hardly Come to Clifton

Laurel and HardySome great Laurel and Hardy movies will be showing this Saturday, December 14 at 6:45pm at the Masonic Lodge at 215 Ludlow Avenue in Clifton. You seldom get a chance to see such films on the big screen—except in Clifton, that is, as “The Chimp Tent” (a Laurel and Hardy Appreciation Society) has hosted films by the duo and other early comic geniuses regularly since 2008. Cost is $5, and the event is free to children 12 years old and younger. To learn more about the film series, check out the website for The Chimp Tent or email Gene Sorkin at In one of Saturday’s films, Laurel and Hardy attempt to sell a Christmas tree to Jimmy Finlayson, a classic comedian who was the foil in many a Laurel and Hardy film. Here’s a scene from him one of the 33 movies Finlayson made with Laurel and Hardy:


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