A Today-Only Special at Olives (Hint: It Involves Hamburgers)

If you woke up feeling like there was something special about today, now you know why: today Olives on Ludlow is offering a one-time special – not every Monday, just this Monday — that involves hamburgers. In their own words, on their own Facebook page, “Just for you, today, we are gonna offer a sweet deal, buy one get one burgers. Just tell your server we are friends by writing Facebook on your check. Dine in only.” The special is in effect for the rest of the day, and Olives stays open until 10 pm.

Don’t forget, too, that Gaslight Market in the Clifton Plaza takes place every Monday from 5pm to 8pm. The Gaslight Market quickly grew in size, with new vendors continually popping up and customers increasing every week. Here are some photos I snapped of the farmers market a couple weeks ago:

















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