Farmers’ Market in the Clifton Plaza Every Monday

It was clear when I visited the Gaslight Market in the Clifton Plaza this week that even though Clifton’s own farmers’ market has only been around a few weeks it’s is already made an impact, with a variety of vendors as well as customers who were happy to buy fresh, locally grown and organic food and other products. It also happens to take place in a location where thousands of people live within a few blocks of it.

The fact that people are beginning to dial it in became clear to me when one of the customers told me that as she was driving past her daughter yelled, “Honey! Honey!,” at which point the mother was forced to hit the brakes.

So even seven-year-old kids know by now that organic and locally-grown honey is available at the Clifton Marketplace every Monday from 5:00pm until 8:00pm.

Among the vendors was Our Harvest Cooperative, whose Facebook page describes it as “A local production/aggregation/distribution food hub cooperative: training new farmers, growing organic local produce, and rebuilding the local food system.”

Along with along with organic coffee and a selection of jams and jellies, one vendor was selling coffee jelly, which he said is his most popular item, selling out on a regular basis—so get there early next Monday and buy some before they run out!

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