Music on Ludlow Avenue

Rose Room

There’s some exciting and free music coming in the next few days at Sitwell’s, starting with the Rose Room on Monday, April 1, at 8 pm. Two of the four members of the Rose Room – George Cunningham on guitar, and Don Aren on upright bass – are also in the Faux Frenchmen, so as you might expect their music explores a period of jazz whose roots preceded bebop.

There’s less of a gypsy jazz, emphasis, however, and more of a focus on swing, with clarinetist Joe Lukasik echoing the days when Benny Goodman was all the rage. Chris Arducer, a veteran of the Bears, rounds out the group on drums.

It also bears mentioning that the Faux Frenchmen will be performing Wednesday, April 3 at 8 pm. They’re at Sitwell’s almost every Wednesday, and I’ve never walked into one of their shows when there wasn’t a crowd. Those Wednesday night gigs are a cheap (i.e., free) and very convenient way to hear some great music and mingle in a low-key setting.

I’m also very excited to hear that J. Gumbo’s (at 286 Ludlow Avenue) is now hosting open mics every Saturday from 6pm to 10pm. It’s been a long time since there have been open mics on Ludlow Avenue; they used to be a mainstay at Arlin’s, but not any more. I’ll be writing more about the J. Gumbo’s open mics, but for now I’ll just add that the shows are hosted by Nicholas Lawson, who interested musicians can contact by phone (513.312.5204) or email (

To get back to Arlin’s for just a second, I noticed the other night that their increasingly interesting draft beer selection now includes a Three Floyds beer. There was a time, not too long ago, when in order to enjoy a Three Floyds I had to drive to Indiana. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy the experience, but now I can take a few steps and enjoy a Three Floyds on tap. The beer in question was a Pride and Joy, as as someone who has sampled much of their product as part of my never-ending goal to find out what is the best beer in the world, I can only say,  this very drinkable yet flavorful mild ale is one of the best Three Floyds beers I have had.

Also, a reminder that Gaslight Property still giving away tickets to the Wish You Were Here concert at Bogart’s on Saturday, April 9. To receive free tickets, just drop by the Gaslight Property office at 311 Howell between 9am and 5:30 pm Monday through Friday or Saturday 10am to 2pm. Or just call me and I’ll give you some myself; I live in the Gaslight District and my phone number is 513.281.3266.

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