Vote Clifton!

Hey folks, here’s a chance to show some support for the best neighborhood in Cincinnati. City Beat’s new Best of Cincinnati Readers Poll is now upon us, and Clifton pops up all over the place on it. The ballot is organized into six major sections: Eats, Shops & Services, Arts & Nightlife, Public Eye, Jocks and Urban Life. You don’t have to vote in every individual category, although you can if you’d like. The Clifton choices include (but are not limited to) Arlins, Habaneros, Aquarius Star & Om Café, China Kitchen, Bogarts, It’s Yoga, Sitwells, Clifton House B & B, The University of Cincinnati, Burnet Woods (for best hiking trail), and many others.

At the top of Urban Life is the category of Apartment Community. That’s where you have an opportunity to vote for Tudor Court Apartments, which are owned by Gaslight Property. Tudor Court has been part of the Clifton experience for longer than any of us have been alive, and Gaslight Property, a family-owned business located in the Gaslight District. The owners grew up in the Gaslight District and still live there, and they’re strong supporters of the community.

Here’s a link to the City Beat poll:

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