Aquarius Star & Om Cafe

It’s been three years since Aquarius Star & Om Café opened at 329 Ludlow Avenue, which is long enough to make its presence felt. From the beginning the cafe has stood out as a “green” café that featured direct trade coffee, authentic European espresso and healthy food with fresh, locally grown and organic ingredients. It also sells incense, crystals, jewelry, and (a hot item, by the way) “Ski Cincinnati” t-shirts.

Three years is long enough to become a staple in the neighborhood; it’s also long enough to take stock of how things have gone thus far and make some changes to better serve customers. When I spoke to the owner of Aquarius Star & Om Café, Lydia Stec, she mentioned that the store’s hours are going to change. Right now it’s open 8:30 am to 5 pm every day, but starting March 1 their hours will be 7:30 am to 7 pm every day.

Things will also be simpler and more streamlined. “The Om Café is our main focus now,” Lydia said. “We’re putting the seating up front, when people walk in the door, because we want to bring the cafe front and center.” Lydia also mentioned upcoming changes for the kitchen and the menu that coincide with the March 1 deadline, and when that date gets closer I’ll devote an blog entry to the subject.

Speaking subjectively, I want to mention two things that for me make Aquarius Star & Om Café such a welcome addition to the Gaslight District. For me the burning issue is coffee, and they have some really good ones. Their house coffee and their #1 seller, the rich, hearty Om Blend, is roasted locally by Coffee Emporium. “All our coffee is organic, shade-grown and direct trade,” Lydia said. “My roaster has direct relationship with farmers. It’s shade-grown, which makes it less acidic.” Another highlight is their Mexican coffee.

Also, I like the space itself, which is large and open, with plenty of seating options. You can go there alone to read or study, or you can socialize with your friends (or hold a meeting). The front windows off the best of both worlds: you can see what’s going on out in the busy world, but you’re sitting in a space that’s quiet and relaxed.

Aquarius Star & Om Café have a website, Also, feel free to like them on Facebook, where they’re listed as Aquarius Star, Om Cafe & Shangri-La Spiritual Center.

There are several apartments building that Gaslight Property owns within walking distance of Aquarius Star & Om Café—and, in fact, one of them is right across the street, as Gaslight rents apartments right above Graeter’s (the street address is 3405 Telford). Call 513.861.6000 to set up an appointment to look at one of these units today.

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