Annunciation School Open House To Be Held on Sunday, January 27

Open house will take place Sunday, January 27 from 12:30 to 2:30 at Annunciation School in Clifton. This is an exciting time for the school—it’s approaching its 100-year anniversary—and principal Cindy Hardesty encourages families to visit so they can find out what’s special about Annunciation School.

“Faculty will be on hand to give guided tours,” she said. “Come see what we’re all about. We’ll be accepting open enrollment beginning on Monday, January 28. We’ll be accepting applications for preschool through eighth grade. Many classes are at or near capacity, so don’t wait too long.

Located at 3545 Clifton Ave., Annunciation is a staple of Clifton that benefits from a convenient and centralized location that encourages a strong sense of community. Many kids walk or ride bikes to school.

That sense of connection is shared by the teachers. “Our teachers are vested in the school and community,” Cindy said. “I live in the neighborhood and some of our teachers do. It’s definitely a community school.”

Annunciation also boasts a sense of continuity and shared history. “We teach kids whose parents also attended Annunciation,” Cindy said. “There’s an element of legacy.”

Cindy also mentioned perks you wouldn’t necessarily expect from a small, family-oriented school. “We have a full-time preschool,” she said. “We have afterschool care. Also, we have basketball, volleyball and track. We have a choir. We have art, music and PE.”

At Annunciation 100% of the teaching and auxiliary staff are fully certified and hold Bachelor Degrees, and 70% hold Masters Degrees. Annunciation School’s current 1st & 2nd grade teachers are sisters and have been giving young children a very strong reading and learning foundation for decades.

This testimonial from a Clifton resident shows appreciation for a quality education: “Our family lives, works, and plays in Clifton Gaslight. It is very important to us to stay community oriented and send our children to a grade school in our neighborhood. Annunciation is that school for us. Currently, our family has 3 young children attending Annunciation. Our extended family includes several Annunciation alumni who have gone on to excel academically and professionally.” – C.C.T. (Clifton Resident)

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