Don’t Forget Renter’s Insurance!


Because this blog is connected with a rental company, I sometimes address issues renters face. Recently I decided to track down an old friend in order to ask her about something you might not think about when you rent, but you should. Renter’s insurance doesn’t cost a lot, and that’s especially true when you bundle it with other types of insurance, as people tend to do. Because Alea Bruggeman has been a good friend whose upbeat attitude lifts my spirits whenever I run into her, I recommend her unconditionally as an agent for renters insurance as well as other types of insurance. In order to contact her, call 513-985-9300 or email at I also recommend checking her website,, for more information. Her office is located at: 9737 Kenwood Rd, Blue Ash, OH 45242, and her office hours are 10am-6pm M-F and Sat 9-12 (with evenings and additional hours by appointment).

An agent with American Family Insurance in Blue Ash, Alea has been a Clifton resident for six years. Alea attended Xavier University and holds Property, Casualty, Life & Health licenses from the State of Ohio.  Alea is also a member of the Greater Cincinnati Relocation Council and in her spare time. She enjoys listening to many types of music, traveling, helping others in need, and doing volunteer work for various organizations in the area. The Alea Bruggeman Agency aspires to be a great community resource, providing exemplary customer service and professional advice to clients. Recently she responded to the following email questions:

So let me get this straight. When I rent in an apartment, my possessions aren’t automatically insured through my landlord?

Your landlord’s insurance doesn’t cover your belongings such as electronics, collectibles, video games, clothes, jewelry, etc so if you suffer a loss, the replacement cost could be quite high.

What are some items that you might not think about that should be insured when you’re renting?

I would imagine many people wouldn’t think of clothes, furniture, appliances, tools, home furnishings, jewelry and many more….People also don’t tend to think of the liability coverage that renter’s insurance provides.  If someone hurts themselves or conditions are unsafe, renter’s insurance liability coverage will help with those costs.

Is renter’s insurance prohibitively expensive?

Renter’s insurance is very inexpensive, especially for the coverage it provides.  It’s even more inexpensive when combined with an auto policy.   We have great multi line discounts for this. In fact, I’ve seen renters insurance as low as $7 a month when combined with auto insurance

Can you think of anything offbeat that people have ended up buying renter’s insurance for?

I can’t think of anything offbeat, but people like to insure their guitars and other musical instruments, as well as some expensive workout equipment.  Another thing that renter’s insurance provides, however, is the additional living expense.  In the event your rental is damaged and you are forced to move out temporarily, the insurance company will pay for any increase in living expenses so you can maintain your normal standard of living.

I know that renter’s insurance is only a small part of your agency. What else do you focus on?

We also focus on Auto, Homeowner’s, Life, Business and Health.  There are many options available for every person to assure their assets are protected.

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