CCAC Celebrates By Making You an Artist

Spirits are high at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center after exceeding their 2012 campaign goal, and they want to celebrate by projecting your artwork on a three-story high building.

The celebration will take place over two nights. Artifact: Art Altogether kicks off this Sunday, January 6, from 6:30 – 8:30 pm with the Opening celebration. “Bundle up and bring a lawn chair,” the press release advises. “The hot cocoa is on us, and Waffo Truck and Fireside Pizza will be there selling tasty dinner.”

On both nights projections based on your drawings will be the center of attention. When I spoke to the CCAC’s Program Coordinator, Missy Miller, she told me that the idea for this creative and fun event came from local artist C. Jacqueline Wood.

“Jacqueline has created a template of the exterior of a wing of our building,” Missy explained, “ which will become a giant architectural canvas. Jacqueline will take your creation and use a special projector to beam it three stories high, so it will look like it’s been painted across the entire side of the building. We’re asking you to share a drawing, or a doodle, or a love story—anything your imagination can conjure on paper. Thanks to Jacqueline’s creative vision and the community’s incredible generosity, we’re able to turn our walls inside out and share the artistic expressions of everyone who makes CCAC possible.”

Personally, I’ve always loved images of rows of rows of windows on old buildings; in my mind they seem tailor made for silhouettes, and that will be my contribution to the genre. So how do you become a three-story artist? Start by downloading the template:

You can print the pdf and work your magic or electronically doctor it via PhotoShop or whatever software works for you. Then, after coloring, drawing or writing to your heart’s content, send a copy either by email ( or in person to the CCAC, which is located at 3711 Clifton Ave. Call them at 513.497.2860 if you have any questions—and then, along with viewing your own work, come see what other people came up with based on the same template! If you aren’t able to make the opening, you still have one last chance to see the projection on Monday, January 7 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.”

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