A Busy Day at the Blue Wisp

It’ll be a busy day today at the Blue Wisp, with Carmon DeLeone’s New Studio Big Band performing at 3 pm and Andrea Cefalo at 7:30. I’m a fan of both, and I interviewed both. Recently I embarked upon an article focusing on a musician named David Matthews, who lived in Cincinnati for about ten years, starting in 1960. He was roommates with Carmon DeLeone during college and gigged with him, and they led an ensemble that toured Europe in the summers. While writing the article I ended up contacting Carmon DeLeone, who was tremendously helpful, and when I found out he was going to be going to the Wisp I decided to email him some questions in case he had time to answer them. His answers were very thoughtful, and I ended up submitting the interview to the Cincinnati Enquirer. Here’s a link to it:


Cincinnati is blessed with some fine female jazz vocalists, and Andrea Cefalo is one of them; I also love hearing her sing Leonard Cohen. Here’s a link to her interview:


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