Grand Opening of the New Ludlow Wines

When I dropped in Ludlow Wines at 343 Ludlow Ave. in Clifton a couple days ago to stock up on inebriants I was reminded that the Grand Opening was taking place on Saturday, June 2, starting at noon.

“So what kind of entertainment are you going to have?” I asked the owner,  Mike Anagnostou, who showed me the poster announcing  wine and beer tastings and drawings for door prizes.

“I asked for dancing girls,” he said, looking dejected.

“You know what you should get?” asked another customer. “An accordion player.”

Earlier in the day someone told me about Resin beer, which I wanted to try, and it turns out they had it. By the end of the day probably a half dozen people, myself included, tried Resin for the first time, and everyone agreed that they had never tasted anything before that tasted quite like that. It has a distinct taste and a distinct shall we say bouquet.

By the way, I wouldn’t write off the possibility of dancing girls for the grand opening.   I have the feeling that, as the day progresses, there will be plenty of surprises.

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