The Faux Frenchmen Every Wednesday

Every Wednesday at 8 pm at Sitwell’s Coffee House four very talented musicians perform a style of music that you seldom have a chance to hear live.

The Faux Frenchmen consist of four musicians with diverse musical backgrounds who all share an affinity for the gypsy jazz Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club of France played in Parisian cafes in the 1930s.

Each performance feels like an informal workshop witnessed by a loyal audience. Sometimes a game of music chairs occurs, with guest artists joining the group or the core lineup getting juggled around, and the set list always changes. Along with some originals and classics from the first half of the Twentieth Century, the quartet has also applied their gypsy jazz sound to compositions by such unlikely artists as the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Astor Piazzola and Raymond Scott.

The Gaslight District is lucky to have music like this in the middle of the week. The music The Faux Frenchmen play requires virtuosity on the part of guitarists Brian Lovely and George Cunningham, bassist Don Aren, and violinist Paul Patterson, but their performance feels like a gathering of friends. Perhaps that’s one of their CDs, Swing Shift, consists of a Sitwell’s performance.

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