The Listing Loon in Northside: Craft Beer and (Soon to Be) More

Quite often the challenge for a new business is staying afloat until people start walking in the door.

That seems to be a non-issue, however, at the Listing Loon, a new craft beer and more store on the main drag (4124 Hamilton Ave.) in Northside.

When I dropped in the first time to ask how business was, our conversation kept getting interrupted by people buying beer—which was impressive considering that the Listing Loon had been open less than a week.

Some of the more popular beers already needed to reordered, and when I returned a couple weeks later the same “dilemma” occurred, which is not to say that me and my parvenu drinking buddies walked out empty-handed either time.

All this underscores the fact that Cincinnati is overdue for places like the Listing Loon. The recent beer fest was wildly successful, and during beer week it was all you could to show up at a bar before the kegs ran out of special beers. Evidently people in Cincinnati are ready to move beyond Bud Light, and why shouldn’t they be?

“This is a city steeped in beer history,” said Dave Mikkelsen, the co-owner of the Listing Loon along with Beth Harris. Apparently he felt the force of history since opening, as people have been quick to dial in a place where beers like Bells, Brew Kettle (from Ohio), Belgian ales, Saison, sour ales, Old English Ales, IPA’s and Fuller’s were available.

As soon as possible, The Listing Loon wants to sell wine and serve both beer and wine on the premises.

“Tastings are a big part of what we want to do,” Mikkelsen said. “We want to become a venue.”

The Listing Loon’s hours are Monday to Thursday, noon to 10 PM; Friday and Saturday, noon to 11 PM; and Sunday, noon to 6 PM. Their phone number is 513.542.5666

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