Nelson Slater Pays a Visit

I had a nice visit today with Nelson Slater, who dropped by to trade two LPs of particular interest to me for a box of 45s of particular interest to him. If you don’t know Nelson, he’s a fellow Cliftonite who has done contract work for Gaslight Property. Nelson attended Syracuse University in the early 1960s, where he befriended and played music with a guy named Lou Reed, who ended up forming a band that was pretty good and then went on to have a solo career as well. Nelson also penned a couple great song in the soul vein that have become what I will refer to as obscure classics: “Get Out” by Tommy Sears and “Symphony” by Andy & the Marglows. Here are youtube links to hear those songs:

In 1976 Nelson released an album called Wild Angel on RCA; Lou Reed produced the record and performed on it. He continues to perform all over the country and release new music. While Nelson was here I had a chance to catch up with what was going on musically and otherwise.   

What have you been up to lately?

Becoming number one in the world.

You were recently in New York City. Did you have any fun there?

We went to see Data Rock Friday night, and got to talk to them about doing some music with me, and then we played a concert that night on the roof of 197 E 4th street on a wonderful roof with a steam plant in the background and us playing our music for the steam age.

Tell us about your recent vinyl release.

Our current EP, Steam-Age Time Giant, consists of live recordings from our 2011 tour, featuring four songs spontaneously combusted at events at clubs and venues in New York, Columbus, Cincinnati and New Jersey.

How can people buy a copy of the EP?

See me on facebook and we’ll take it from there.

If someone runs into you on the street, can you buy one that way?

If you catch me on the street the price is 11 dollars and 11 cents, or you can buy it at independent record stores including Kim’s records in New York, A1 records in New York, Rebel Rebel in New York, Academy Records, Used Kids in Columbus, Mole’s and Everybody’s in Cincinnati.

What’s coming up in the near future?

We’re headlining Record Store Day at Used Kids in Columbus April 21. And we’ll have the second run of copies of Steam Age Time Giant and test CDs of the new albums.

And the new album is called…

Curse of Writing is the name of the album on Are and Be records under our new affiliation to be announced.

I see “steam-age” language a lot in your band names and in conversation. Can you explain the significance of steam age?

It’s science concepts from the 1880s with Tesla, Jules Verne, Doctor Helena Blavatsky, with the secret to unlimited power for mankind. As often happens, swindlers like Alex Bell and Tom Edison saw the opportunity to monetize man’s birth right. Thus, we have little wires strung all over the world charged by the criminal act of burning life and producing toxic garbage. The steam age is the geothermal age and it is the ion generation of power as demonstrated in the great pyramids in Eqypt, the Mayan structures and the Tesla tower of power. If there is a future, it will begin with a reversal of the retro grade motion of science and industry in our recent history.

What’s your favorite song ever?

I thought of that the other day and I thought I’ll never remember it again…My favorite song ever? Jeez. Oh man. Let’s see. I guess it would have to be “Ghost Riders in the Sky” by Vaughan Monroe.

What do you like about that song?

It’s an apocalyptic sci-fi cowboy epic vision that tripped me out when I was five years old.

Have you been to the new hookah bar where the Golden Lion used to be?

Not in. My eyeballs looked in but that was as far as I could go.


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  1. We did the Record Store Day Show at Used Kids in Columbus , and Voila! , spiked it , and recorded a Great Set that will be included in our New “12 vinyl release ” TIME GIANT” , AREandBE Records , order by mail : A&B Records , 118 West Nixon St. , Cincinnati, OH , 45220 …. NELSON SLATER

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