The “Boss Cox Booksale” at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center

Clifton Cultural Arts Center booksale(2012) Every day hundreds of people walk past this building, but few of them know its history. They don’t know who built it and they don’t know who lived there. That will change, though, now that the space is being converted to a library that will replace the charming but much smaller space on Ludlow Avenue.

Located on Jefferson Avenue across from Burnet Woods, the Parkside Manor was designed by Samuel Hannaford, a famous architect who also built Music Hall, City Hall and over 300 other buildings in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. The person who originally lived there was no slouch, either: historically George “Boss” Cox has earned his place at the Mount Rushmore of crooked Ohio politicians, a place that also includes, of more recent vintage, James Traficant (who got in a lot more trouble, by the way, for his actions; maybe it was his hair).   

This week, at the Clifton Cultural Arts Center at 3711 Clifton Avenue, the Friends of the Public Library will host a book sale that will help transform the Parkside Manor into the new Clifton Library. On Thursday March 15 the sale will kick off with a preview party for a Friends of the Library Book Sale. (the hours for the rest of the sale will be Thursday and Friday 10 am to 6 pm and Saturday 10 am to 5 pm). For reservations to the preview party, call (513) 369-6035.

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