Zappa Plays Zappa Comes to Bogart’s Saturday

ZappaDweezil Zappa, son of Frank Zappa, is bringing his tribute band Zappa Plays Zappa to Bogart’s this Saturday, July 12. It should be wild and crazy, just like his father’s concerts were back when he was playing the Fillmore and Winterland and the Beacon Theatre and a thousand other venues around the world.

So what kind of music did Frank Zappa play, really? Were the Mothers pschedelic? A jam band? A strange mutation of classical music or jazz or rock or Dada what? Maybe all of the above. There’s gonna be a big crowd for this one, and you might want to buy your ticket now, as it could definitely sell out. Earlier this year Dweezil was playing the entire Roxy & Elsewhere in concert,  but for this leg of the tour it looks like he’s branching out and performing cuts from different stages of his father’s career. Here’s some footage from a show just a few days ago: