The Kissing Club to Play Sitwell’s Coffee House Monday

Monday at 9 pm a New York band called The Kissing Club will be performing at Sitwell’s Coffee House. Their music has been described as “two people making music with guitar, cello, electronics, and voice. Quiet, intimate, and explosive. Like Philip Glass, Nick Cave, and CocoRosie sharing a French cruller while reviewing divorce papers.” Word has it that the Kissing Club just released Tapdancer, which probably has something to do with the fact that they’re hitting the road to play some shows in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

Even though their competition included bigger names, Little Acorn by The Kissing Club managed to show up on this best-of list for 2011. In the reviewer’s words, “This little four-track EP is like a handcrafted invitation to a divorce, or perhaps a peace offering of love gone awry. While the very slow songs scratch at the bones, a classic-rock-style guitar solo on “Someone Else” breaks the supposed tranquility and reminds us just how purposefully restrained these “sweet” songs really are.” Continue reading “The Kissing Club to Play Sitwell’s Coffee House Monday”