Favorite Bogart’s Concert: Ramones, 1978

Returning once again to the theme of favorite concerts, we have here a piece penned by David Hintz, who used to live in the area (Dayton and Oxford) who is now writing a blog in the DC area, DC Rock Live. Here Dave writes about seeing the Ramones at Bogart’s in 1978, when Bogart’s and punk were both new:

I had just turned 19 and was starting my sophomore year at Miami University. It was legal to drink in those days, thanks to development of 3.2 (% alcohol) beer. Ergo, nightclubs were calling. But there was another more important calling that I had discovered one year earlier: punk rock. Most music fans understand the importance of the punk movement, but it is hard to believe how dangerous and daring it was back at its outset. From the streets of London to CBGBs, punk band members and fans were stabbed, beaten up and constantly hassled for looking different from both the norm and the ‘normal outcast’. Continue reading “Favorite Bogart’s Concert: Ramones, 1978”