Northside Record Fair on April 25

Northside Record Fair picture for 2015

On April 25 the Northside Record Fair will host another record show in Northside. The address is 4222 Hamilton Avenue (the Northside Presbyterian Church). Admission is five dollars from 11am to 4pm while the early birds (10am) pay ten bucks.

Before the Northside Record Fair started hosting record shows, it always seemed like the other big cities in Ohio had thriving record shows while Cincinnati’s was an embarrassment. The Northside Record Fair has been such a success that they quickly decided to start hosting it twice a year. As someone who loved records long before I ever attended any shows, I can say why, if they’re done right, they’re a great way to shop for vinyl. The reasons include (but are not limited to):

  • A Healthy Selection of the Classics. Record stores can’t stock enough Beatles, Stones, Floyd, Talking Heads, REM, Zeppelin, and they tend to keep running out of those essentials. But with each vendor a mini-record store, you see a lot more of the major artists at the shows.
  • Obscure Records. Personally, my favorite thing about record shows is the plethora of obscure records that I’ve never heard of before and have never seen in person.
  • 45s. Because of space limitations, record stores tend to stock the records that are most likely to fly off the shelves the fastest and don’t bother stocking 45s. There are always lots of 45s at the Northside Record Fair.
  • You Can Cut A Deal. Record stores don’t cut you any bargains, but it’s common practice at record shows for dealers to shave off a few dollars when you buy more than one record.
  • Rubbing Shoulders. I love record stores, but the camaraderie that exists on at shows, where the crowd is thicker and the buzz is on, is that much stronger. I always find it a crash course in music and records, and my teachers are people who’ve delved much more deeply into musicians and genres than I have. It kind of deflates my ego when the savants are so much younger than I am, but I still attend class and take note diligently.

Northside Record Fair Returns

Northside Record FairThe hugely successful Northside Record Fair returns on Saturday, May 10. The event takes place at the Northside Presbyterian Church at 4222 Hamilton Avenue. Hours are 11am to 4pm, and it costs $5 to get in the door. Those people who’d like to get first pick can pay $10 and start shopping at 10am.  According to the Northside Record Fair’s Facebook page, this event promises “1,000’s and 1,000’s of amazing LP’s, 45’s, 7“‘s, 10“‘s, flexi’s, 8-tracks, cassettes, CD’s, DVD’s, zines, magazines, posters, and all sorts of fun music memorabilia.”  The Record Fair also encourages people who want to sell records to contact them as well. Tables are $25 and half tables are $15. A good way to downsize…and make some quick, easy cash.

Only a couple years old, the Record Fair was an immediate hit, and it’s already morphed into a bi-annual instead of an annual event. Every time I’ve gone I’ve seen different vendors and a different mix of records. Definitely a buzz was in the air for the first Record Fair, as I stated in this blog entry with lots of photos of the event.

I live in Clifton, one neighborhood over from Northside. On that same day I’m going to set up records in my front yard. They’ll be cheap – 25 cents to a buck – and there will be a ginormous quantity of them. I’ll have 33s, 45s, and 78s, with really high numbers of 45s. I’ll also have lots of twelve-inch singles from the 70s and 80s, and other stuff related to music (speakers, etc.). The address is 315 Terrace Ave.; it’ll start at 10 (don’t come early; it’ll take me until 10 to lug them all out) and I reckon I’ll go until 3. So feel free to stop by after the Record Fair.


Northside Record Fair on Saturday

100_4802The second annual Northside Record Fair takes place this Saturday, November 23rd. The first record fair was a huge success, with a full house from beginning to end. (I know; I was there.)

This record fair will take place at the Northside Presbyterian Church, 4222 Hamilton Ave from 11am to 4pm. Admission is $5, but if you want to be an early bird, $10 will get you in at 10am.

The last I heard there were still two tables left for vendors; full tables cost $25 while half-tables cost $15.

I wrote a blog entry about last year’s record fair and included some photos. Here’s a link to that blog entry.

Because I write about vinyl so often, I also want to sneak in that I recently created a “category” on the right side of this page called “vinyl.” Entries have to do with record stores, record shows, local record labels that are vinyl only, and so on – so if you have a second, check it out.

Also, my friends King Reeves and Charlie Wilson and their sextet will be performing John Coltrane’s A Love Supreme in its entirety (and other Coltrane compositions) at the Blue Wisp on Friday, December 6th from 7pm to 10pm. Included in the sextet will be saxophonist Eddie Bayard, a very powerful tenor player who is very well-respected by the jazz community on a national level. Also, the band will include not one but two drummers, which is something that Coltrane used to do. Here’s some footage I shot one night when Bayard was soloing and the band only had one drummer. Imagine what kind of damage they could do with two:


The Northside Record Fair: A Huge Success

It was great seeing how many people came out for the first-ever Northside Record Fair this morning. There were almost fifty tables of people selling vinyl, and there came a point when every crate in the place had someone pawing through it, and it stayed that way a long time. I have to think it was more fun for everyone because it was so dang overdue.

Chuck Cleaver from Wussy was selling records and memorabilia, and I bought publicity photos of Tom Waits and Elvis Costello from him. I also had a chance to talk to the owner of Phratry Records, Jerry Dirr, about some of his projects. It turns out he’s been extremely happy with Gotta Groove Records, the record pressing plant in Cleveland. He also spoke quite highly about the new Phratry release by Food, a band that includes Ed “fROMOHIO” Crawford, who was once a member of the fIREHOSE, a band that was once on the  SST label. The new EP is Four Pieces from Candyland, and it’s available here: Continue reading “The Northside Record Fair: A Huge Success”

Donate CDs and Help a Cat!

Anticipation is high for the 1st annual Northside Record Fair on Saturday, December 1. Taking place from 11 am to 6 pm at 4120 Hamilton Avenue, the fair will include live music, DJs and countless records along with every other kind of musical media.

The event also offers an opportunity to do some much-needed purging AND donate to a worthy cause. Rosie’s CDs will be holding a CD drive at the Northside Record Fair–and because Rosie will set up in front of the entrance to the fair, you can donate CDs even if you’re not attending the show. Already downloaded all your music and wondering what to do with your old CDs? Now you can clear out those shelves of CDs and help local animals at the same time. Any and all CDs are accepted.

Proceeds will be donated to OAR, the Ohio Alleycat Resource & Spay/Neuter Clinic. OAR is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization which provides low-cost, high-quality spay/neuter services for feral cats, strays and pets; offers TNR (trap-neuter-return) and other outreach programs; and runs a small, no-kill adoption center dedicated to finding loving homes.

Can’t make the Record Fair?  OAR will also be accepting used CDs/DVDs at their  Holiday Open House  December 2 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m. at their Madisonville location (5619 Orlando Place).

Questions about how to donate your CDs? Rosie’s CDs can be reached at

Gotta Groove Records

My theme this week is records, which are coming back with a vengeance, as the 1st Annual Northside Record Fair indicates.  In 2007 sales of new LPs dipped to below a million, but by 2009 sales jumped to 2.5 million, and the number climbed to 3.9 million in 2011—and that’s just for LPs that have bar codes, which is probably less than half of the total records released. (And I’ve yet to hear a count for 7-inches; I don’t think anyone has figured out how to count them yet.) Continue reading “Gotta Groove Records”

First Annual Northside Record Fair


Cincinnati has long had a reputation for notoriously bad record shows—yet Columbus, which is only an hour and half away, has long had a good national reputation.

So I was pleased to see, on Facebook, people chatting about the 1st annual Northside Record Fair starting at 11 am on Sunday, December 1 at Hoffner Masonic Lodge at 4120 Hamilton Ave. Because I know some of the people who have signed up for tables, I can guarantee that this record show will be a mind-blowing breath of fresh air.

If you’re interested in selling records, be aware that the record fair only has about 15 tables left for sellers. It costs $20 to reserve a table; half tables are $10. If, like me, you’re going there as a buyer, you’ll pay a $5 entry, although the $10 Early Bird Special will get you in an hour earlier. Also, the event will include live music and DJs. You can find more information if you visit the website for the event. (Also, for more information on the event, contact Jon at

The rest of this week will be devoted to the record fair as well as records in general, with a brief detour into the world of CDs. I’ll close with a reminder to folks that you can subscribe to my blog on the right side of this webpage, and I encourage you to do so in order to keep up with things going on around Cincinnati.