Support the Library Levy

The time has come to show some love for the Public Library of Cincinnati & Hamilton County. This year the levy is up for renewal, and voting yes for Issue 1 means giving your stamp of approval to a system of libraries that keeps coming up with new ways to be useful to the community. All libraries are good, but ours is something special, with a strong connection to the community. Our Library is one the ten busiest in the nation and has more than half a million cardholders. 88% of Hamilton County households have at least one cardholder. With more than 1.3 million visits in 2012, our downtown library ranked second only to the Cincinnati Reds.

Because the Library is so popular in Cincinnati, I assume the levy will pass by a wide margin if people know about it. So here are the facts: election day is November 5, 2013; early voting begins…today (October 1, 2013); and if you want to support the library levy, vote yes on Issue 1.

When I started thinking about all the reasons I’ve had to visit different library branches over the past few months, it surprised me how many way I rely upon our Library system. Off the top of my head, I:

  • Checked out books, CDs and DVDs;
  • Used the Internet;
  • Printed documents;
  • Made copies;
  • For an article I was writing, I used Microfiche to research an event that took place in 1961;
  • Perused old articles from a hard-to-find magazine;
  • Attended “Listen to This” events at the downtown library, hosted by Steve Kemple, where we played records and CDs and discussed music.

I suspect that, if you think about it, you’ll be surprised at how many ways you benefit from having access to so many library branches in Hamilton County.