Purity Ring at Mayday This Saturday

When I was growing up my mother always told me if you can plug two things in a blog entry that’s better than one, and three’s even better, and today I get a chance to do that. The dream pop duo Purity Ring is coming to Mayday at 4227 Spring Grove Avenue in Northside this Saturday, August 25. Purity Ring is on the 4AD label, whose recording artists also include The National, St. Vincent and Bon Iver. Tickets for Purity Ring are $10 in advance and $12 the day of the show. Mayday hosts some interesting shows that come and go very quietly, so I encourage you to keep checking their website, www.maydaynorthside.com. Continue reading “Purity Ring at Mayday This Saturday”

DC Rock Live: A Unique Music Blog (Part 2)

By itself attending two hundred concerts a year is a lot, and reviewing all those shows, opening acts included, takes us well beyond the realm of casual listener. During the second part of my interview with Dave Hintz, who lives in Washington DC and whose website DC Rock Live is devoted to the concerts he attends in that city of politics and great live music, we talked about what it was like reviewing so many shows, where the threat is there of becoming blasé or grumpy. Continue reading “DC Rock Live: A Unique Music Blog (Part 2)”

DC Rock Live: A Unique Music Blog (Pt. 1)


College is supposed to be place where, when you go there, you’re exposed to interesting ideas and cultural events and all kinds of mind-blowing music, and for that reason I was shocked to learn during my freshman year at Miami University that the standard musical diet was so middle-of-the-road blah that I threatened to sue the university.

What made matters worse, everybody bought the same damn records—or almost everybody anyway. To this day, whenever I overhear “More than a Feeling” I start twitching and sweating….Whatever the opposite of nostalgia is is what I feel when I hear that song and many others that blasted from Infinity speakers all across the campus…. Continue reading “DC Rock Live: A Unique Music Blog (Pt. 1)”