A Weekend in Clifton Kicks Off This Friday, September 28

A Weekend in Clifton (of which Gaslight Property is a proud co-sponsor) kicks off this Friday, September 28, and by all indications this will be the biggest and best celebration of Clifton in a long time. One hint that folks are upping the ante: a few blocks in the heart of the Gaslight District (Ludlow Avenue between Middleton Avenue and Clifton Avenue, Telford Avenue between Shiloh Street and Ludlow Avenue, and Ormond Avenue between Ludlow Avenue and Howell Avenue) will be closed from 6 pm Friday, September 28 to 5 am Monday, October 1.  That will encourage more of a street party atmosphere where people can roam around drinking beer, dancing, etc., etc. Continue reading “A Weekend in Clifton Kicks Off This Friday, September 28”

Looking for an Apartment? Talk to These Folks

Often when you rent an apartment the landlord is a remote figure, appearing long enough to hand you a set of keys before wandering back to a far-off neighborhood or even another city; someone was telling me the other day that her landlord lives in Florida. With Gaslight Property the renting experience is much more personal, with a brick and mortar office in the heart of the Gaslight District that tenants and prospective tenants can feel free to visit.

The location of the office is also convenient—311 Howell Avenue, in the heart of the Gaslight District, one of the best neighborhoods in Cincinnati and an area where Gaslight Property has a wide choice of apartments available. (They also have apartments all over greater Cincinnati, as our website makes clear.) Deciding where you’re going to rent is an important decision, and many people feel more comfortable meeting face to face in an actual office when they commit to a new apartment.

Gaslight Property is a family-owned business that’s been part of Clifton for decades. Their motto is “classic living, classic places,” and they’d love to show you what that means. Recently I was lucky enough to gather together everyone and snap a photo in front of the office. Although each person in that picture performs a different role, in one way or another every one of them is there to make sure that the experience of renting goes as smoothly as possible. Call 513.861.6000 today to make an appointment to discuss your next apartment.

Why I Love Clifton


I can explain to you why Clifton is a magic place inspiring a deep sense of awe, but in order for you to get the full picture we need to go back several years and travel to the basement of the house where my aunt and uncle live in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

One week I slept in that basement while visiting the state where I grew up and where massive tribes of my relatives still live (they’re Catholic, okay?).  One night before I went to sleep I drank beer and shot one-man pool on a lopsided table worn down from years of late-night “tournaments” where subtlety and accuracy were prized less than brute force.

Later that night I discovered a black case that, when I opened it, revealed a dusty old saxophone.  The brand name—Wulitzer—conjured up images of brightly lit organs played by women with beehive hairdos in rooms with shag carpet and wood-paneling.  So was the instrument an alto or a tenor?  Neither, actually.  What I unearthed was a C melody saxophone, an instrument whose heyday, I came to learn, was between 1918 and 1930.  Being in the key of C made it easier to play than other saxophones—it required none of that transposing business that made things tricky for beginners enrolled in Music for Dummies courses—but after production plummeted during the Depression manufacturers forgot that it existed. Continue reading “Why I Love Clifton”

Ludlow Wines Reopens at 343 Ludlow Avenue

The name’s the same, it still has the same owners, and it still sells beer and wine, but one very important thing has changed about Ludlow Wines: the location.

Don’t be distressed if you walked over to the old place and saw an empty storefront. Now located at 343 Ludlow Avenue, Ludlow Wines only moved a couple doors down. It’s officially open for business, although the grand opening will take place on Saturday, June 2.   (Don’t worry, we’ll remind you.) In the interim you’ll have more than 150 beers to choose from as well as a huge selection of wines. Continue reading “Ludlow Wines Reopens at 343 Ludlow Avenue”

Loft-Style Apartment For Rent on Ludlow Avenue

(Update) This loft-style apartment is currently occupied, but Gaslight Property wants apartment seekers to know that it has apartments for rent in several buildings in the Gaslight District in Clifton. Those buildings include the Jonathan at 451 Ludlow; Tudor Court Apartments, also on Ludlow Avenue; Whitfield Gardens, at 3242 Whitfield; Lafayette Hills, at 880 Lafayette Ave.; and buildings at 319 Terrace Ave., 525 Lowell, and 3257 Bishop.  Call Stephanie Taylor at 513.861.6000 if you’re interested in seeing any of these apartments, and she’ll show you them in person!

A unique apartment just became available on Ludlow Avenue in the heart of the gaslight district, and she’s a beauty. With approximately 1,360 square feet, this apartment offers a rare opportunity for a loft-style apartment in Clifton. Instead of several rooms partitioned off with walls, this second-floor space at 343 Ludlow Avenue combines a living room, updated kitchen and dining room into one big open space, plus there’s a bedroom in the back, and a bathroom. As you can tell from the photos, the walls have a cool color scheme that you may to keep for yourself. With hardwood floors, a tiled fireplace and a stained glass window, the apartment has lots of charm, with plenty of natural light and a great view. The location couldn’t be better: you’re above the Proud Rooster restaurant and within walking distance of Ambar India, Sitwell’s, Olive’s, The Esquire Theatre, and dozens of other shops, restaurants, bars and . Call Stephanie Taylor at 513.861.6000 if you’re interested, and she’ll show it to you in person!


This video shows some of the other apartment Gaslight Property has available:


Esquire Theatre Now Serves Alcohol


I’m sure that most people reading this blog feel as if they’re living in a utopia, but something happened recently that will make our world even better. For what seems like years (maybe it was just the anticipation) rumors have been circulating about a change at The Esquire Theatre on Ludlow Avenue that will add a whole new dimension to movie-going, and it finally happened. That’s right, folks: our very own movie theater now has a bar!  Continue reading “Esquire Theatre Now Serves Alcohol”

Where to Be on April 28: The 5th Annual Annunciation Gaslight Gala

Rarely in this blog do we announce events more than a month in advance, but there’s one event that readers need to mark on their calendars now. Located in the heart of the Gaslight District, Annunciation Church has been a centerpiece in Clifton since it was built in 1910. Right next to the church, at 3545 Clifton Avenue, is the Annunciation School, which is nearing its 100-year anniversary (it opened in 1914). All the proceeds from the 5thAnnual Annunciation Gaslight Gala benefits this preschool and K-8 school. The Gala gets bigger every year, and although I rarely make predictions, I’m just going to come out and say that this one will break all previous records. You’ll be hearing more about this event, but for right now here’s some information so you can mark your calendar:

Saturday April 28, 2012
6 p.m. – Midnight Father Klug Center, 221-1230
Clifton Attire: “T-shirts to Tails”
$50.00/person or $350.00/table of 8
Includes gourmet dinner, open bar, & music
Large Silent Auction that includes tickets, art, & more
For Ticket Sales call 706-3149 or 221-1230
ALL proceeds benefit Annunciation School