Job Fair on June 7 in Woodlawn

A job fair will be held June 7 (this Friday) from 9am to 3pm at the Woodlawn  Ohio National Guard Training and Recreation Center in Woodlawn, OH; the address is 10050 Woodlawn Boulevard, Woodlawn OH 45215. This job fair is an annual job initiative of State Representative Alicia Reese. The event is being co-hosted by Woodlawn Mayor, Susan Farley, and coordinated by Angelita Moreno-Jones, President of Eastern Personnel.

Later this week I’ll have more information on the details of this event, but count on it being significant: last year the job fair hosted 28 employers for over  100 job openings.

I assume some readers will be interested in attending this event, and if you know anyone else looking for work, pass this link along. Call Alicia Reese’s office (614) 466-1308 if you have questions. When the job fair was held last year, Reese said, “The economists are saying the economy is recovering, I thought it was time for citizens to feel that recovery at their dinner tables by connecting them to real job opportunities.” Those words areas are as relevant now as they were then.

First Annual Northside Record Fair


Cincinnati has long had a reputation for notoriously bad record shows—yet Columbus, which is only an hour and half away, has long had a good national reputation.

So I was pleased to see, on Facebook, people chatting about the 1st annual Northside Record Fair starting at 11 am on Sunday, December 1 at Hoffner Masonic Lodge at 4120 Hamilton Ave. Because I know some of the people who have signed up for tables, I can guarantee that this record show will be a mind-blowing breath of fresh air.

If you’re interested in selling records, be aware that the record fair only has about 15 tables left for sellers. It costs $20 to reserve a table; half tables are $10. If, like me, you’re going there as a buyer, you’ll pay a $5 entry, although the $10 Early Bird Special will get you in an hour earlier. Also, the event will include live music and DJs. You can find more information if you visit the website for the event. (Also, for more information on the event, contact Jon at

The rest of this week will be devoted to the record fair as well as records in general, with a brief detour into the world of CDs. I’ll close with a reminder to folks that you can subscribe to my blog on the right side of this webpage, and I encourage you to do so in order to keep up with things going on around Cincinnati.

Ready to Take a Vacation? Give Suzanne Sanchez a Call

Call me old-fashioned, but when I make travel plans my first choice would be meeting with a travel agent in person.

That may sound pie-in-the-sky in this era when so much is done digitally, but as it turns out there’s a travel office located in the heart of the gaslight district, on Ormond Avenue between the library and the post office. That location has served experienced travel agent Suzanne Sanchez well, and even though I suspect the majority of her work is done over the phone (you can call her at 513.731.3369) or via email (, because of her centralized location she meets lots of customers face to face.

And as soon as they visit the Brown’s Tours and Travel office at 3410 Ormond Ave. they can tell that she loves her work. Continue reading “Ready to Take a Vacation? Give Suzanne Sanchez a Call”

University of Cincinnati Ranked Top College Destination

Recently the American Institute for Economic Research (AIER) compiled a list of data in order to determine the top college destinations in the US. The criteria involved academic environment, quality of life, and professional opportunity. The University of Cincinnati ranked 17th in the 2013-2014 Top Mid-Size Metros Rankings. The AIER CDI ranks destinations based on  Academic Environment, Quality of Life, and Professional Opportunities. So it wasn’t just the university that earned the high rating: it was also the city, and the neighborhoods surrounding the university. Gaslight Property has a huge and varied selection of apartments available for rent in neighborhoods close to the University of Cincinnati, and if you’re interesting in looking at some apartments, call Gaslight Property 513.861.6000. Gaslight Property also won an award recently won the 2014 UC News Record “Best of” poll, and here’s the article the New Record wrote about us. We won that poll because we offer:

  • Classic Spaces: Like most cities, Cincinnati has its share of prefab apartment complexes, but Gaslight Property rents apartments with history and character.
  • Experience: Gaslight Property is a family-owned business that’s been part of Clifton for decades.
  • Accessibility: Gaslight Property’s  office is in the heart of Clifton’s Gaslight District, within walking distance (or a short drive) for many of their tenants, so you can talk to us person to person.
  • Location: Most of Gaslight Property’s rentals are located in or near “The Uptown Area,” known for world-class education and healthcare. Within minutes you’ll find University of Cincinnati, Xavier University, Cincinnati State, Hebrew Union College, University Hospital, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and Good Samaritan Hospital. You’ll find many of of Gaslight Property’s places are pet-friendly, within walking distance of unique shops, locally-owned cafes, an independent theater, and scenic parks. Most also have close access to public transportation.

Here’s a video that shows some (but by no means all) of Gaslight’s rental properties. 


‘Newport: Gangsters, Gambling, Girls’ at the Esquire Theatre


It’s turning out to be a highly competitive week for this year’s Cincinnati Film Festival when it comes to bragging rights for neighboring cities. Sure, Cincinnati can boast about its beer history in The Cincinnati Beer Story, which played at the Emery Thursday night, but the folks living right across the river in Newport, Kentucky weren’t goody two shoeing their way through life, if  the sneak preview of Newport: Gambling, Gangsters and Girls (showing at the Esquire Monday, September 10 at 9 pm) is to be believed.

And who, I ask you, is really going to dispute that image when Jerry Springer‘s checkbook provided recent-enough smoking gun evidence of the fading embers of Newport’s golden days? If Cincinnati was the beer mecca of this region, Newport was the mecca of…well, every other vice. Maybe the beer  they served in the gambling joints and strip clubs wasn’t local or even in-state, but if the brewer was two miles away, wasn’t that close enough? And besides, do you really think the craps player really gave a hoot where the beer he slurped down between throws came from? I doubt that at the blackjack tables anyone was turning down a cold one because it wasn’t a craft beer brewed by his favorite micro-brewery. If I’m wrong, though, I’m sure Newport: Gambling, Gangsters and Girls will set me straight.

Did You Know About This Recording Studio?

I dropped by to see my friend Lou Lausche the other day. Along with being a bass player who’s been involved in countless jazz sessions in Cincinnati and elsewhere, Lou also, it turns out, has a recording studio names Lausche Recording Studios on Winton Road. It’s interesting just how much much memorable music has been recorded there, yet none of the Cincinnati musicians I’ve talked to so far even know it exists.

Partly that’s because the recording studio is a labor of love that’s more an offshoot of his musical interests than a full-blown commercial enterprise. That said, Lou is open for business, so here’s a couple facts: the address is 9326 Winton Road, and his phone number is 513.521.0015. Continue reading “Did You Know About This Recording Studio?”

Looking for an Apartment? Talk to These Folks

Often when you rent an apartment the landlord is a remote figure, appearing long enough to hand you a set of keys before wandering back to a far-off neighborhood or even another city; someone was telling me the other day that her landlord lives in Florida. With Gaslight Property the renting experience is much more personal, with a brick and mortar office in the heart of the Gaslight District that tenants and prospective tenants can feel free to visit.

The location of the office is also convenient—311 Howell Avenue, in the heart of the Gaslight District, one of the best neighborhoods in Cincinnati and an area where Gaslight Property has a wide choice of apartments available. (They also have apartments all over greater Cincinnati, as our website makes clear.) Deciding where you’re going to rent is an important decision, and many people feel more comfortable meeting face to face in an actual office when they commit to a new apartment.

Gaslight Property is a family-owned business that’s been part of Clifton for decades. Their motto is “classic living, classic places,” and they’d love to show you what that means. Recently I was lucky enough to gather together everyone and snap a photo in front of the office. Although each person in that picture performs a different role, in one way or another every one of them is there to make sure that the experience of renting goes as smoothly as possible. Call 513.861.6000 today to make an appointment to discuss your next apartment.

Meet Charlie Wilson, A Kick-Ass Jazz Pianist

Part of the process of becoming a jazz musician is learning the technical side of a genre that’s extremely demanding.

There’s something else, though, something inside you, something intangible but real—and whatever that is, Charlie Wilson has it, and so does his partner in crime, King Reeves. The two of them will be performing duets together Friday, June 29 at 9:00 PM at the Thompson House, which is what used to be called the Southgate House. Vibraphonist King Reeves and pianist Charlie Wilson have performed together for a couple decades, and they were friends before that. When they perform together you can feel the chemistry of two cats who love each other and love jazz. Continue reading “Meet Charlie Wilson, A Kick-Ass Jazz Pianist”

What’s In Store for Bogart’s

In a recent blog entry the general manager of Bogart’s, Karen Foley, told me some of the changes she made shortly after taking that role, and later in that same interview I asked her what she had in store in the future.

It turns out a lot is changing soon.

“In the next couple weeks we’re going to build out of the back of the building a smoking patio,” she said, “and with any luck we’ll have drinks out there. Also, we are building VIP platforms above our bars on the floor.” Continue reading “What’s In Store for Bogart’s”