Record Show at MadTree Brewing

Although the blog entry below was published in August 2013, MadTree Brewing will be hosting another record show on Sunday, October 27 from noon to 4pm.  There’s no admission fee for the event. People are also welcome to sell records. If you’re only bringing a box, there’s no charge, to sell and if you want to set up a table, the charge is minimal; I think it was five or ten bucks the last round, to help pay the DJ. If you have questions, email Tom Luce at

In olden days record shows in Cincinnati were notoriously bad, with the same overpriced and bland records trotted out every six months. Fortunately the show that took place in Northside last December seemed to break the mold, with lots of newcomers buying and selling 33s, 45s and 78s of every genre imaginable.

On Sunday, August 25 a record show will take place at the MadTree Brewing Company, a brewery at 5164 Kennedy Ave. in Oakley. Frankly, I’ve never understood why all the record shows don’t take place in bars, but we’ll address that another time. This is actually the second MadTree Vinyl Swap, and the people running it are going out of their way to keep recruiting fresh new dealers and have the return dealers restock with new stuff so that return buyers can continue to see something new.

The show will begin at noon and end at four, although the bar stays open until eight. Catch-a-Fire Pizza will be serving at 1pm, and DJ Grover spins from 2 to 4pm. If you have any questions for MadTree Brewing, call them at 513.836.8733, and if you’re interested in setting up for this or future shows, contact Tom Luce at

I encourage anyone who reads this and knows other potentially interested parties to pass the information on. The more people who show up as both sellers, buyers and swappers, the more interesting records (and record collectors) will come out of the woodwork.