Clifton Community Yard Sale on Saturday, July 27

It’s been forever since Clifton hosted a community-wide yard sale, but we’re having one on Saturday, July 27. This will be a golden opportunity for Cliftonites who have things they no longer need to sell them to other people – in other words, make some money and do some decluttering.

Anyone can participate. Many residents will sell from their front yards, driveways, or garages, while others will share a common space (we’re crossing our fingers that  Clifton Recreation Center will offer its parking lot – we’ll get back with you on that). So mark your calendar if you want to be a seller – or if you want to do a little shopping.

The nice thing about a community yard sale is that, when there are dozens of people hosting yard sales at different locations, substantially more buyers attend, which translates into more shoppers and more money for each seller. And buyers benefit from having so many yard sales close together.

If you’re hosting a yard sale and would like your address to be listed along with all the others when the community yard sale announces the yard sale locations, email with your address. (And let us know if you’re selling anyway, as we want to entice buyers with the high number of people participating.) Also, there’s a rain date for the event – the next day, which is Sunday, July 28.

Also, sellers don’t have to live in Clifton proper. Many Fairview and Clifton Heights residents have shown interest, and many of them will be setting up.

This will be a lot of fun, and shoppers are sure to find lots of interesting stuff, as Clifton is a vibrant neighborhood with a rich history.  This will be also be a golden opportunity for apartment hunters to decide which part of Clifton they want to live in. Gaslight Property rents apartments all over Clifton. If you’d like to look at some rental options, call one of our leasing specialists at 513.861.6000. From studio apartments to 6 bedroom houses & everything in between, we’ve got exactly what you want and exactly what you need! To see some of the apartments, visit our website, at


Steve Lansky’s New Art Show

Steve Lansky is a writer and artist who lives in Clifton. If you’re been a part of the writing scene around town, you’ve attended readings where he performed, including excerpts from his novella A Black Bird Fell Out of the Sky, which was published in 2017. Steve’s new art show, Art Like Water, is currently on display at  Ruth’s Parkside Cafe in Northside. The show features 14 ink reproductions from his book Life is a Fountain, which was published by Dos Madres Press. Other works on display include large color abstract expressionist canvases, small shadow boxes with fine-line sketches, and a few other figurative pieces.  Steve has traveled to 18 countries since 2000, and his sketches include fountains from Lisboa, Habana Vieja, Firenze, Querétaro, and Clifton with additional scenes from Northern California, Ontario, Guyana, and Croatia.  Recently Steve and I drove to Ruth’s in order to see his art and discuss the inspiration behind it.

Steve’s art begins at Harvard in 1975, where he took basic drawing.  Independent work completed without a class or direct mentor also counted toward the degree requirements.  In 1979, after a period of experimentation, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and effectively discarded into a series of institutions for four years during which he painted, sculpted, and wrote. “My art flowed like water,” Steve wrote in his artist’s statement for Art Like Water, “finding spaces to fill my life with serenity, resolve, and commitment starting in a locked room at The Jewish Hospital in Cincinnati.”

Steve’s work also owes something to Roy Sebern, dubbed The Secretary of the Interior by Ken Kesey for painting the Magic Bus. Also,  Ann Newburger Pappenheimer provided expressive art therapy, an open door to talk, and encouragement in Cincinnati.  Arthur Schneider, a Detroit artist, also contibuted.  Leigh Alfred Waltz, Phil (Po) Roberto, and Jeff Siereveld also helped him learn computer graphics, which were essential to this show.

Steve’s show continues through May 4. Come check it out, and if you see something you like, buy it! Here are some photos we took during our visit to Ruth’s.