Seeing Santigold Live at Bogart’s

Last night was very nostalgic for me and my friends. Several of us had arranged to meet at Bogart’s for the Santigold concert, but no one had nailed what time they planned to arrive, so when I showed up a few minutes before Santigold was supposed to take the stage (I had missed the opening act completely), I wondered if I got there too late.

As it turned, out though, everyone—and this was three different groups of friends—showed up right around that time, not because they wanted to blow off the opening act but because, like me, they were running around and doing all that stuff you gotta do before you can go out and have fun. Continue reading “Seeing Santigold Live at Bogart’s”

What’s New at Bogart’s


Karen Foley, General Manager of Bogart’s

Sometimes it takes a person who lives thousands of miles away to make it clear how special something is that’s right in your hometown—and that’s true even if it some of the luster was temporarily lost. When I talked tonight to Karen Foley, the new general manager of Bogart’s (she assumed the position in September of last year), she made it clear right away that she had great respect for the club on short Vine in Corryville.

“I came from Arizona and I had done my research, and I knew that Bogart’s was an iconic venue,” she said. “Everybody knew about it. Unfortunately when I got here the building the neighborhood was less than desirable. There was graffiti on the front door to welcome me. And the bathrooms, I wouldn’t even use them.”

So where did she start? Continue reading “What’s New at Bogart’s”

Why College Hill Coffee Company is So Popular

When I dropped by the College Hill Coffee Company on Saturday morning it was already hopping, with many tables occupied and people in line for carry-out. I have a theory why the coffee house is so popular, and it’s a simple theory. Sure, the coffee is good and the service is nice and it’s a comfortable space with a neighborhood feel, but there’s one other thing the coffee house gets just right, and I can sum it up in three words:

Location, location, location.

At the corner of Hamilton and North Bend in College Hill, the coffee house is as centrally located as it can be. It’s smack dab in the middle of the city, and it’s close to everything—which is worth mentioning because there are apartments above the coffee house that are available for rental through Gaslight Property.

These are four-room apartments with hardwood floors and off-street parking, plus they’re on the bus line: here’s a link (w/photos) to one of the apartments:

One other plus: the apartments are right about a coffee house. When I visited on Saturday I asked a server the question that’s been haunting me ever since the weather got hot: what do you recommend for a really refreshing drink? Her answer was a frozen chocolate frappe with white chocolate, espresso and carmel. She said this personal favorite was “sort of on the menu,” which implies a certain amount of experimentation in the search for the perfect drink, so feel free when you visit to tweak your orders when you visit.

Surviving Summer at Sitwell’s

You’ve always been able to count on Sitwell’s Coffee House on Ludlow Avenue for one-of-a-kind concoctions, and when I dropped by today I learned of a couple cold drinks that could help us survive the recent balmy weather.

One of the servers, Nicole, recommended the new mint chocolate chip cappuccino shake, which isn’t on the menu, but it’s already a hit.

Nicole also said that her staple for the hot months is iced coffee, which seems to taste better the more the temperature and humidity ascend.

The owner of Sitwell’s, Lisa Storie, says her favorite hot weather drink is a black raspberry grape yogurt smoothie. Those aren’t on the menu either, but Sitwell’s has been making them a long time, and it might be just what you need as you come in from the tropical weather.

While you’re in Sitwell’s you should also check out an exhibit of art by local cartoonists, the “Lost Cats: An Inter-Generational Cartoon Art Show” that’s on the walls.

The Listing Loon in Northside: Craft Beer and (Soon to Be) More

Quite often the challenge for a new business is staying afloat until people start walking in the door.

That seems to be a non-issue, however, at the Listing Loon, a new craft beer and more store on the main drag (4124 Hamilton Ave.) in Northside.

When I dropped in the first time to ask how business was, our conversation kept getting interrupted by people buying beer—which was impressive considering that the Listing Loon had been open less than a week. Continue reading “The Listing Loon in Northside: Craft Beer and (Soon to Be) More”

Ludlow Wines Reopens at 343 Ludlow Avenue

The name’s the same, it still has the same owners, and it still sells beer and wine, but one very important thing has changed about Ludlow Wines: the location.

Don’t be distressed if you walked over to the old place and saw an empty storefront. Now located at 343 Ludlow Avenue, Ludlow Wines only moved a couple doors down. It’s officially open for business, although the grand opening will take place on Saturday, June 2.   (Don’t worry, we’ll remind you.) In the interim you’ll have more than 150 beers to choose from as well as a huge selection of wines. Continue reading “Ludlow Wines Reopens at 343 Ludlow Avenue”

Farmers Market in Northside

Every Wednesday from 4 pm to 7 pm there’s a Farmers Market in Northside. Being as I’m kind of a hard-nosed reporter—picture a grumpy guy with a cigarette dangling out of the side of his mouth and a crooked tie as he barks out questions in an old black and white movie—I recently posed some challenging questions to Sara Mulhauser, the Northside Farmers Market Manager. The first question was probably the toughest: so what’s so special about the farmers market in Northside?

Continue reading “Farmers Market in Northside”