‘Newport: Gangsters, Gambling, Girls’ at the Esquire Theatre


It’s turning out to be a highly competitive week for this year’s Cincinnati Film Festival when it comes to bragging rights for neighboring cities. Sure, Cincinnati can boast about its beer history in The Cincinnati Beer Story, which played at the Emery Thursday night, but the folks living right across the river in Newport, Kentucky weren’t goody two shoeing their way through life, if  the sneak preview of Newport: Gambling, Gangsters and Girls (showing at the Esquire Monday, September 10 at 9 pm) is to be believed.

And who, I ask you, is really going to dispute that image when Jerry Springer‘s checkbook provided recent-enough smoking gun evidence of the fading embers of Newport’s golden days? If Cincinnati was the beer mecca of this region, Newport was the mecca of…well, every other vice. Maybe the beer  they served in the gambling joints and strip clubs wasn’t local or even in-state, but if the brewer was two miles away, wasn’t that close enough? And besides, do you really think the craps player really gave a hoot where the beer he slurped down between throws came from? I doubt that at the blackjack tables anyone was turning down a cold one because it wasn’t a craft beer brewed by his favorite micro-brewery. If I’m wrong, though, I’m sure Newport: Gambling, Gangsters and Girls will set me straight.

A Fine Way to Kick off the Cincinnati Film Festival

Along with reminding people that the Cincinnati Film Festival begins this Thursday, I wanted to point out that the lead-off movie will kick things off in style.

The Cincinnati Beer Story focuses on the history of beer-making (and, come to think of it, beer drinking) in Cincinnati. With micro-breweries popping up everywhere and Moerlein Lager House opening its doors, the timing seems perfect for this film. It will show at 7:30 pm at the Emery Theatre, but a walking tour will precede it; here’s a link to the actual event:


The Cincinnati Film Festival has posted a schedule for all the nights along with descriptions of the films on www.cincinnatifilmfestival.com. As you check out the schedules, pay attention to which venue is showing that film that night, as there are several different locations.

That said, most of the movies will be appearing at the Esquire Theatre, which will have  one room devoted exclusively to the festival from Friday through Monday. To bring things full circle, the Esquire now serves alcohol, including White Russians, as many Big Lebowski fans discovered during the recent midnight showings of the film. Beer, popcorn and a movie – now there’s a combination.

Time Traveling at the Esquire Theatre: Safety Not Guaranteed

That tells you what I know – on July 4 I entered the Esquire Theatre thinking that when I sat in a dark room to watch Safety Not Guaranteed I’d pretty much have the place to myself, being as July 4 is all about picnics and parades…or so I thought. Apparently the large matinee crowd was thinking what I was thinking: escape the brutal heat and sit in a cool, dark room while watching a  large screen where people try to tell you a story. Continue reading “Time Traveling at the Esquire Theatre: Safety Not Guaranteed”