The Whitfield Apartments Offer Luxury, Convenience, and Entertainment

The Whitfield is a 117-unit luxury apartment community in Clifton’s Gaslight District. The Whitfield offers studio, one-bedroom, and two-bedroom apartments that are vibrant, light-filled, and aesthetically pleasing.
And for a limited time, The Whitfield is offering the first month free to prospective tenants.

Along with including modern state-of-the-art appliances, The Whitfield provides bike storage, an exercise facility, and a communal outside area with grills and a fire pit. Secured parking garages are an option. Also, The Whitfield is a pet-friendly building with a commercial-grade dog washing station and dryer along with a fenced-in area where dogs can take their owners out for some exercise.

Comfortable and quiet, the apartments offer sanctuary and escape—but part of The Whitfield’s allure is also  its location, as Clifton’s Gaslight District is quite possibly the most convenient neighborhood in Cincinnati. Within walking distance of the apartments you’ll find a post office, a grocery store, CVS pharmacy, Ace Hardware, a dry cleaner, two banks, and a veterinarian’s office located right next door to a pet store.
And you can also walk to Burnet Woods—which returns us to our theme of sanctuary and escape.

And you can’t beat the Gaslight District for entertainment. Just think, you’ll be within walking distance of an eclectic mix of fine restaurants, a movie theater, a rooftop restaurant, a popular wine shop, and one of Cincinnati’s most popular music venues. In all, there are over 60 businesses in the Clifton Gaslight Business District, and if you move to The Whitfield you’ll be right at their doorstep. Also, the University of Cincinnati and Good Samaritan Hospital are nearby. Indeed, some of our tenants teach at UC or work at nearby hospitals. To find out more about these apartments, call us at 513.712.3000.

Gaslight Property Has Homes for Rent

Gaslight Property has homes available for rent, and we’re eager to show them to potential renters. The homes we rent in Clifton vary in size, running anywhere from two bedroom to six bedrooms. Some are right across the street from campus, others are very close to campus, and we also have apartment spread all around Clifton. Pets are allowed in these homes, and some of the homes have parking.

If you wish to rent a home in Clifton (or rent a smaller unit), click this link:

Fill in some of the categories, and voila!, you’ll be looking at different options from a rental company that has been in business for almost thirty years. Gaslight Property is a family-owned business with deep roots in the Clifton community, and the company has a brick-and-mortar office in the heart of the Gaslight District.

To talk to a leasing specialist today, call 513.861.600. Let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll set you up with a leasing specialist who focuses on rental units that match your needs, whether you’re with to rent a home in Clifton or have something else in mind.


Eight Years and 412 Blog Entries Later, the Gaslight Property Blog Rolls On

This month – February of 2020 – marks the eight-year anniversary of the blog for Gaslight Property. The blog was conceived as a way to drive traffic to the rental company’s website by highlighting some things going on around the Gaslight District, which in turn might entice people to rent our apartments in that neighborhood.
If you want to convince people to move to a neighborhood, you should convince them that the neighborhood is vibrant and alive and still evolving. That’s easy to do when in an area where new things  are happening.  In the last three years our grocery store reopened, new owners took over and upgraded Ludlow Garage, an art gallery opened, the post office moved, a record store opened,  the Gaslight Bar and Grill opened, a new coffee house (Sitwell’s Act II), a new Chinese restaurant opened, and the Esquire Theatre started showing special event films (classics and obscurities from the past) every night.
So we’ve had a lot to report. In fact, before starting this blog I checked how many blog entries I’ve written, and we’re now up to 412 blog entries – and 413 when this one is done.
We’ve covered everything from new stores to cocktails and food and Clifton history and movie reviews and music…for starters. Some of the blog entries have been short and sweet, and some of them have been long, rambling narratives recounting the misadventures of the person who writes these blogs, which leads to a questions that a few people have asked me:

“Who writes that thing, anyway?”

The answer is, me. But who is me? Unfortunately, I need to wrap this up for now – but that question will be the title of my next blog entry.


The Gaslight District Is All About Convenience

For students who want to live close to the University of Cincinnati, convenience is a huge concern. The more walkable the neighborhood, the better—and you’d be hard pressed to find a neighborhood with more services packed into a smaller area than the Gaslight District.

For starters, the grocery store, Clifton Market, is located in the heart of Ludlow Avenue. There’s also a hardware store (Ace Hardware), a pharmacy (CVS Pharmacy), and a public library.

For pet lovers there’s Howell Avenue Pet Hospital and Petey’s Pet Stop, which are located next door to each other. And did you know there was a travel agency in the Gaslight District? Located at 3410 Ormond Avenue, Brown’s Tours & Travel Services is located right off of Ludlow Avenue.

On top of that, there’s a post office and, at Ace Hardware, a UPS Access Point.

And there’s another convenience we should mention: The largest rental company in the Gaslight District has an office in the neighborhood. In fact, it’s within close walking distance of all the other locations mentioned in this blog entry. That accessibility is one of the things that sets Gaslight Property apart from other rental agencies. From studio apartments to 6 bedroom houses & everything in between, we’ve got exactly what you want and exactly what you need! To see some of the apartments, come visit us or contact one of our leasing specialists.

Revving Up for CliftonFest!

During my daily stroll, I happened upon some folks who were decorating the streetlights on Ludlow Avenue, which was something that begged documentation. At 8pm all of the light sculptures are going to light up, and tomorrow night CliftonFest begins. Gaslight Property is once again a proud sponsor of CliftonFest, which is one of many reasons the Gaslight District is a great place to live!

Gaslight Property A Star Sponsor of the 2016 Northside Rock ‘N’ Roll Carnival

Northside Rock N Roll Carnival 2016Gaslight Property is proud to be a Star Sponsor of the 2016 Northside Rock ’N’ Roll Carnival, an event that starts today (Friday, July 1) and lasts through July 4. Free for all ages, the carnival includes sword swallowers, jugglers, magicians, a bed of nails, and dozens of bands, all at Hoffner Park. The music starts at 6pm tonight and continue until late in the evening on July 4. For more information on the event, here’s a link to its Facebook page. Long a sponsor of the carnival, Gaslight Property salutes the wackiness and craziness of this event, the legendary Northside parade, and Northside in general—and we’d like to remind folks that our own Spyglass Apartments are located in Northside, on a top of a private hill, within a mile of Northside’s Hamilton Avenue business district. Here’s a video of the Spyglass Apartments, call our office at 513.861.6000 if you’d like to learn more about these apartments or any others that we have all over Greater Cincinnati.

Gaslight Property Wins Uptown Business Award

Uptown Consortium Award photoThe last two weeks have been great ones for Gaslight Property. Last week marked the 25th Anniversary of the company, and this week, at Cincinnati Uptown Consortium’s Fifth Annual Business Awards, Gaslight Property won the Award of Excellence for Large Business. In the photo on the left, that’s Dave Taylor, CEO of Gaslight Property, flanked by University of Cincinnati President Santa Ono, Ph.D. and Beth Robinson, CEO and president of Uptown Consortium. You don’t win an award like that just for being a business; you win it for making a commitment to the community and making positive changes. Gaslight Property is a family-owned business with deep roots in the Clifton community, and they have a brick-and-mortar office in the heart of the Gaslight District, at 311 Howell Avenue. Also, Gaslight Property helped facilitate the Clifton Natural Foods move to Ludlow Avenue and the opening of Petey’s Pet Stop, Gaslight Gourmet Cookies, and others. And best of all, Gaslight Property has brought new construction to the Gaslight District, with The Whitfield, which offers “modern, luxury apartment living.” Apartments have already rented, but there are still some units available. To find out more about these or any other Gaslight Property apartments, call 513.861.6000.

Come to Global Water Dance on June 20 (It’s Free!)

Global Water Dance 2015 postcard-page-001


On June 20, 2015 at 11am a free performance that features live music and dance while celebrating and raising consciousness about water will take place at Serpentine Wall at the Ohio River. The event, Global Water Dance, is one of 70 such performances occurring on six continents on the same day. Global Water Dance has been here before—it’s a biennial event—and, having witnessed a previous performance, I can testify that it promises a vibrant, colorful, spiritual, and powerful blend of music and dance that is lyrical (with a great and soulful ensemble of singers) but also has a strong world beat element, with a killer percussion section. What makes the event even more colorful will be the hundreds of Paddlefest kayakers who will be watching from the river.

This free event is a peaceful way to spend a Saturday morning; it also happens to raise awareness of the critical need for safe, clean, accessible water to sustain all beings on the planet. The choreography for the event is led by Fanchon Shur, an Ohio Governor’s Woman of the Year; the original music was penned by Event Director Shari Lauter, MEd. The Cincinnati dance also features over 60 yards of hand-painted silk oceanscapes painted by Shari.

The performance will be webstreamed live; visit for the live broadcast link. For more information, you can visit and like their Facebook page at or contact Shari Lauter at, or video gives a taste of the event:









Incline Ridge Apartments Are Ready To Rent!

Incline-Ridge 2

Gaslight Property is excited about the Incline Ridge Apartments now available for rent. These two-bedroom apartments are located at 2361 – 2377 Maryland Avenue in the historic Incline District in East Price Hill. The location is fabulous – a hop, skip, and a jump from downtown – and it just got better. Recently construction wrapped up on Route 50, and the distance to downtown is a mere two miles. You can drive to and from work downtown in under five minutes, which means enjoying all the benefits of downtown without having to deal with the hassles and expense of parking if you lived there (parking is free at the Incline Ridge), plus (unlike downtown) the rent’s quite modest (695 – 795 a month).

Incline-Ridge 1

These two-bedroom apartments brand new, stylish, stainless appliances, and they feature long balconies — long enough to link the master bedroom and the living room — and those balconies offer a fabulous view. In fact, the view competes with any in Price Hill or for that matter the whole city. Incline Ridge Apartments are also close the Incline Public House and other spots in Price Hill that are themselves destination spots.

Incline-Ridge 3

If you have any interest in finding out more about these or any of the other apartments Gaslight Property has to offer, call us at 513.861.6000. Our agents would love to tell you more about these apartments!

Incline-Ridge 4

Really it’s “the best of both worlds,” as the apartments are on a peaceful and quiet street on the edge of East Price Hill at the same time that they’re close to downtown and Northern Kentucky.

Fries Cafe Is Back!

Fries Cafe 001There was joy and jubilation Wednesday night in Clifton due to the reopening of Fries Cafe. People who went without a beer for the nine months that the long-established watering hole was closed suddenly were able to drink beer again. (My fact checker just informed me that’s a bit far-fetched – but still, it felt that way as people muscled their way up to the bar and shouted their drink orders.) So how’s the new Fries, you ask? Did they decide, during that long stretch of time between closing and reopening, to “modernize” the place, with a disco ball and some thump-thump electronic dance music blasting out of speakers, turning a friendly, casual neighborhood bar into a fancy nightclub? Heck no. It still feels as real and unpretentious as ever. And it still has a fine selection of beers (see photos). And it’s still a friendly place as opposed to a snobfest. There is one difference, though: it smells a lot better. I snapped a few photos while I was there, including a couple of Riley Martin, an iconic Clifton canine whose charismatic cameo made a special night even better (he’s never one to miss a photo-op). I’ve always been a fan of Fries, ever since I got kicked out of there at 9 o’clock in the morning on my first day in Cincinnati. I knew then that this was the town for me. If everyone’s too friendly it softens you up, and who wants that?

Fries Cafe 002









Fries Cafe 003









Fries Cafe 004









Fries Cafe 005









Fries Cafe 006









Fries Cafe 007









Fries Cafe 008









Fries Cafe 009









Fries Cafe 010