Searching for an Apartment Near the University of Cincinnati? Gaslight Property Has You Covered.

Enrollment at the University of Cincinnati just keeps growing! Over 48,000 students are attending the college this year, and while some students commute to the main campus located in Clifton, many prefer to live close to campus. Fortunately, UC has a free shuttle service that’s constantly making the rounds, so students who aren’t within walking distance can still have an easy time getting to and from classes if they live in a Gaslight Property apartment near the University of Cincinnati.

A family-owned rental company with deep roots in the Clifton community and an office in the Gaslight District, Gaslight Property rents apartments in or near Clifton, Clifton Heights, Corryville, and other neighborhoods that are close to the University of Cincinnati. If you are looking for an apartment in that area, you should talk to us first.

To get specific information about apartments near the University of Cincinnati, visit Gaslight Company’s user-friendly website, which has the ability to focus on specific neighborhoods. Three of the neighborhoods listed on the website have Gaslight Property apartments that are located near the University of Cincinnati:

Clifton-Gaslight District


University-Clifton Heights

Just click this link to begin your search:

You can also specify the size of your apartment, as Gaslight Property rents anything from a studio apartment to six-bedroom apartments. Gaslight Property also rents entire houses, and it’s pet-friendly.

To talk to a leasing specialist today, call 513.861.600. We’ll set you up with someone who focuses on rental units that match your needs, whether you wish to rent an apartment near the University of Cincinnati or in another part of the city.