Running up the Stairs at the University of Cincinnati

The next time you’re walking to classes at the University of Cincinnati, bear this in mind:
Walking up steps is good for you. It burns fat, it tones the butt, thighs, and calves, and it’s also good for your abs. And it’s good for your lungs and your cardio vascular system.
Which is why I’ve always viewed the University of Cincinnati as an obstacle course. Outside, there are stairs all around the campus, and on my walks I run up as many steps as possible.
I walk the rest of the time – briskly, but still – but I run up all the stairs. The more the merrier as far as I’m concerned.
And there are enough steps around to get a good workout.
The photos in this blog entry chronicle a walk I took recently, and at first you’ll see some of the progress being made in Burnet Woods. Extending the sidewalk is a great idea – and there you see the first steps I ran up on that day.
While we’re on the subject of physical fitness, were you aware that there’s a frisbee golf course in Burnet Woods? Click this link to find out more.
Running the steps of UC was interesting the other day because the path I’ve traditionally taken  was blocked due to – of all things – construction. Whodathunkit!
But I’m used to that by now. I have always seen UC as an obstacle course, and I mean that in a good way. These are some of the steps I ran up when I made my walk a couple days ago.

Use your imagination whenever you’re on campus, and run up as many steps as you can. You’ll be surprised you can run up while going from place to place or just killing time between classes.
You might wonder, when you look at the photo below, whether you would/should really run up those stairs – but they’re actually good exercise. Try it.
You can also run up the stairs at the stadium. And if you run up the stairs at the DAAP building, you step outside and voila!, you’re at ground level again. And the steps for the parking garage near the intersection of W. Clifton Avenue and Calhoun Avenue take you to ground level.
Another nice thing about walking around the University of Cincinnati is that visually it’s so stimulating, with more works by signature architects than any other space of its size. More on that here.
I’ll warn you, though – some of the buildings can seem imposing!




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