Eight Years and 412 Blog Entries Later, the Gaslight Property Blog Rolls On

This month – February of 2020 – marks the eight-year anniversary of the blog for Gaslight Property. The blog was conceived as a way to drive traffic to the rental company’s website by highlighting some things going on around the Gaslight District, which in turn might entice people to rent our apartments in that neighborhood.
If you want to convince people to move to a neighborhood, you should convince them that the neighborhood is vibrant and alive and still evolving. That’s easy to do when in an area where new things  are happening.  In the last three years our grocery store reopened, new owners took over and upgraded Ludlow Garage, an art gallery opened, the post office moved, a record store opened,  the Gaslight Bar and Grill opened, a new coffee house (Sitwell’s Act II), a new Chinese restaurant opened, and the Esquire Theatre started showing special event films (classics and obscurities from the past) every night.
So we’ve had a lot to report. In fact, before starting this blog I checked how many blog entries I’ve written, and we’re now up to 412 blog entries – and 413 when this one is done.
We’ve covered everything from new stores to cocktails and food and Clifton history and movie reviews and music…for starters. Some of the blog entries have been short and sweet, and some of them have been long, rambling narratives recounting the misadventures of the person who writes these blogs, which leads to a questions that a few people have asked me:

“Who writes that thing, anyway?”

The answer is, me. But who is me? Unfortunately, I need to wrap this up for now – but that question will be the title of my next blog entry.


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