Transit App Is A Great Tool for Bus Riders

One of the chief advantages of living in the Gaslight District is its convenience, with so many services and attractions within walking distance of each other.

For those times when you want to wander a bit, there’s another convenience: public transportation. Because of its location, buses are constantly running in and out of Clifton.

Buses are very convenient, but there’s often been one hassle involved: even if you had a bus schedule, you never knew when was going to arrive. Various apps have tried to dial that in, but with limited success. Too often bus riders found themselves adjusting the image on their screen as they tried to find the red dot hidden between all those squiggly lines – it was almost like a Find Waldo  game. And all the bus rider wanted to know was, “When is the bus going to get here?”

Recently Metro added the Transit App to its bag of tricks, and the app is everything bus riders have imagined on those wet, rainy days when they’d prefer to hide under the canopy but they’re afraid to because they might miss the bus.

Transit App simply tells you how many minutes it will be before your bus arrives. It’s easy to download the app on your phone, and once you’ve done that, tracking buses is very simple.

And Transit App isn’t limited to tracking buses. For example, you can also use the app to pay your bus fare in advance. And fortunately, it’s an easy-to-use App.  Here’s a link to Transit App: 




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