Holidays on Ludlow Photos – 2018

The weather was great for Holidays on Ludlow last night – cold like it should be but not too cold and not the least bit windy – and people came out in full force for the festivities.  That includes Santa Claus, who stopped by Petey’s Pet Stop to take pictures with some Santa-loving pets. There was a line out the door for this rare photo-op, and the pets loved it, as you can tell by this particularly felicitous canine, who was virtually brimming with the holiday spirit:


Again, there were carriage rides:

People love the new Sitwell’s. One of the owners, Florencia, was serving coffee drinks well as some more spirituous substances like spiced cider (yum!) and Irish coffee at Clifton Plaza while carolers sang:

The owner of Maya was feeling the holiday spirit:

And after a glass of his sangria, we were too!

When we walked past Lydia’s on Ludlow, Ma Crow was setting up for her performance there that evening, where she played to a packed house. Don’t forget that Lydia’s has open mics every Thursday!

Santa covered a lot of ground last night. Here he’s seen hustling to his next gig:

We’re SO happy to see Clifton Market spring back to life. At this table, folks signed up to win a $50 gift certificate.

Clifton Area Neighborhood School (CANS) partnered with Kindflash to provide hats and gloves to 600 students as a service learning project for pre-K through first grade.

Gosh, where are we? Oh, that’s…none other than Gaslight Bar & Grill, which had a soft opening last night. It felt mighty cozy – and how ’bout that woodwork, not to mention the view?

Another Santa sighting, this time at Ludlow Wines, which hosts wine tastings every Friday and Saturday night:

On to his next gig:

Santa also visited Ace Hardware, where they served goodies for kids and adults:

Eventually the carolers on Clifton Plaza moved to a warmer climate, sharing the Christmas spirit with the crowd at Ludlow Wines.

Once again, Holidays on Ludlow was a huge success, and spirits were especially high due to all the new businesses (including Sitwell’s, Gaslight Bar & Grill, and new ownership at both Clifton Market and the Ludlow Garage) that so quickly integrated with the old businesses. And we’re not done yet – there’s a record store right around the corner! More on that later…