Clifton Barbers

Clifton Barbers is officially up and running. As these pictures testify, there’s definitely a neat, old-school, stylish look to the establishment, right down to the classic barber pole that welcomes you as you walk down the street. The address is 337 Ludlow Avenue, the phone number 513-281-3163, and service is walk-in only. Hours are Tuesday thru Friday 10am to 7pm and Saturday 10am to 3pm. Here’s their Facebook link and a link to their website.

It took no time for this latest incarnation of Clifton Barbers to integrate with the neighborhood. Even if you don’t need a cut, Brandon, Blake, and Cody encourage everyone to just stop in and say hi. Along with being another valuable small business in the Gaslight District, Clifton Barbers is a place to gather and chat.

While I was there, a barber was finishing a haircut of a young boy, while next in line was his father. What better way to show that this old/new business symbolizes something handed down from one generation to another, in a neighborhood where there’s a lot of that. Clifton Barbers goes back decades, and Dan the barber was one of those small business owner that make the Gaslight District such a special neighborhood. It’s good to know we have some worthy successors.