This Is What A Neighborhood Feels Like

First, the facts: Clifton Market is open now seven days a week, from 7am to midnight. It’s a coop, which means you can buy a share,  an option that still remains now the store is up and running. That said, anyone can shop there. As I walked around, I saw a store where most of the shelves were filled, plus there were signs announcing that such-and-such would be available soon (in most cases, later this week).

Them’s the facts, but there’s a lot more to it than facts. There’s the whole vibe of a neighborhood that had a grocery store forever and was a bit shell-shocked after it was lost…but slowly recovered its mojo and is in a perfect position to capitalize on Clifton Market. This really hit home for me last night when, as one of the thousands of people who live within walking distance, I realized when I walked outside about 11pm that I could saunter on over to a grocery store and buy a couple things. It’s been awhile since that’s been an option! And when I walked inside I ran into some old friends. I bet I’ll run into more of them during the opening festivities on January 26, 27, and 28.

And there are plenty of other things going on Ludlow Avenue, including the Whole Bowl, which was an immediate hit, and Clifton Barbers, which is about to reborn. Spring isn’t far off, and when it comes we’ll have more activities than ever at Clifton Plaza. As you may know, Plan A for the resuscitation of the grocery store went south and was replaced by the idea for a coop, which got the community much more involved than it would have if a business bought it. Now that’s what a neighborhood feels like!

For more on the Gala Opening Festivities, here’s the flyer – and remember, everyone is invited!

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