Live Footage of John Bender at the No Response Festival

100_7048John Bender performed for the first time in 30 years last night, at the No Response Festival at Woodward Theatre. He made it clear in advance that his performance set to launch the two-day festival would begin promptly at 8pm, and as the people waiting in a line that wrapped around the block saw the line move slowly while Father Time forged bravely ahead, they wondered: hey, am I going to miss the show? And, well, some of us, many of us, missed the first few minutes of the show, but Bender played a nice long set, and somehow it made sense that the legend in the house would launch the show, to help set the tone and get this celebration of experimental electronic music off to a good start. While we were waiting in line Tim Schwallie shared a tale about seeing what was probably the last John Bender show of the previous millennium, when Bender opened for Nico; apparently he was facing certain equipment issues that evening. And after talking to Bender after the show, Vivian Vinyl said there were issues that evening as well. I myself faced certain technological issues when I tried to transer the videos I shot last night to the hard drive of my computer: the first, and longest, evaded transfer, although I’ll come back to that and see if I can make that work. Anyway, the thing about technology is, it’s never as compliant as we’d like it to be, but great things can still happen when we put our minds together.

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