R.I.P. Patrick David

Patrick DavidClifton’s heart was broken this week when Patrick David, a long-term Gaslight Property employee, passed away unexpectedly. Our thoughts and prayers go out to his widow and son. His niece, Melinda Watson, spoke for everyone who knew Patrick when she said, “He was happiest when he was helping other people. I can’t even emphasize how happy he was to do it; he dropped everything to help other people.

“He was an on-the-go person,” Melinda added, “and he didn’t stop until the job was done.

“Not only was he a hard worker and generous, he had a silly sense of humor. Patrick has a lasting effect on everybody he came in contact with.

“I don’t have a single bad memory of him.”

Patrick left behind a widow and a 16-year-old son, and his widow is ill and unable to work. Funeral arrangements have already been made, but help is needed to pay for everything.

“We want to give him a proper burial because he helped everybody along the way,” Melinda said. “We’re trying to reach out to as many people as we can.”

To this end, a GoFundMe account was created. In order to help, click THIS LINK. People have been contributing different amounts, but more money is needed. Any contribution will be appreciated for this kind and thoughtful man who died much too young. We’ll get there!

Live Footage of John Bender at the No Response Festival

100_7048John Bender performed for the first time in 30 years last night, at the No Response Festival at Woodward Theatre. He made it clear in advance that his performance set to launch the two-day festival would begin promptly at 8pm, and as the people waiting in a line that wrapped around the block saw the line move slowly while Father Time forged bravely ahead, they wondered: hey, am I going to miss the show? And, well, some of us, many of us, missed the first few minutes of the show, but Bender played a nice long set, and somehow it made sense that the legend in the house would launch the show, to help set the tone and get this celebration of experimental electronic music off to a good start. While we were waiting in line Tim Schwallie shared a tale about seeing what was probably the last John Bender show of the previous millennium, when Bender opened for Nico; apparently he was facing certain equipment issues that evening. And after talking to Bender after the show, Vivian Vinyl said there were issues that evening as well. I myself faced certain technological issues when I tried to transer the videos I shot last night to the hard drive of my computer: the first, and longest, evaded transfer, although I’ll come back to that and see if I can make that work. Anyway, the thing about technology is, it’s never as compliant as we’d like it to be, but great things can still happen when we put our minds together.

Free Movie Night at Clifton Plaza Saturday!

Tootsie Blog top image


This Saturday Tootsie, the 1982 movie starring Dustin Hoffman, will be playing for free at the Clifton Plaza. A huge hit in the theaters, Tootsie was nominated for ten Academy Awards, and it remains one of Dustin Hoffman’s major roles…and the only one in which he pretended to be a woman. Tootsie will be showing from 8:45pm to 10:30pm. The weather’s going to beautiful this weekend, and the movies always draw a good crowd at Clifton Plaza. In fact, the plaza will already have seen plenty of activity by the time the movie starts, as the Night Owls, a popular blues, soul, and classic band, will be performing there from 6pm to 8:30pm. Also, June 18 is World Wide Knit-in-Public Day, an event that has been taking place around the world since 2005, and everyone who likes knitting or crocheting is invited to do so communally from 11am to 2pm at Clifton Plaza Saturday. To help prepare you for the movie, here’s a trailer for Tootsie; see you there!

Yappy Hour Starts Next Monday!

Yappy HourMondays have been hopping lately with the flea market (soon to be joined by a farmer’s market) populating Clifton Plaza as soon as the weather warmed up a little. And there’s going to be more activity as dog lovers celebrate Yappy Hour from 5pm to 7pm every Monday. So take note: the very first Yappy Hour will take place next Monday, June 6. Basically it’s a social event for dogs – and humans too! All you have to is bring your dog; you can socialize, and so can Spot, who if you haven’t notice has been feeling a bit restless lately, what with all the cold weather keeping him/her indoors. And her’s a nice touch: you can buy and drink red and white wines and Rhinegeist Beer on the plaza. The event is co-sponsored by Petey’s Pet Stop, whose customers are very excited about this opportunity for their canines to congregate. All dogs need to be on a leash, and because this takes place outdoors, yappy hour will only occur on days when the weather is pleasant. Cliftonite (and dog lover), Kathy Parsanko explained why she is looking forward to the event. “Cliftonites love dogs,” she said, “and we also love any chance to get together. Clifton is all about community. So, why not get together with our dogs? Will be fun!”

Spot and Grover looking forward to the Yappy Hour
Lola and Rufus, who you may recognize as daily Clifton walkers, can’t wait for Yappy Hour!