Clifton Market Is A Go!

Clifton Market

Perhaps you’ve heard the news, or perhaps you haven’t. Even if you have, it’s worth hearing again, and in fact you may want to say it aloud a few times just to let it sink in:

Clifton is going to have a grocery store again.

That splendid news spread like wildfire yesterday, after this email that was straight from the horse’s mouth: Clifton Market Closed on it’s Loans Today! With our loans coming online today we will be seeing construction starting in the new year!  

Construction is expected to be finished by summer.

It’s appropriate that it would occur during the holiday season and right before the dawn of a new year. This happened because the people of Clifton worked together and refused to give up. It was the same spirit that save the Esquire Theatre, which has been a great success and a cornerstone in the community. 2015 was a great year for our community, and 2016 will be even better!


New Nelson Slater News

nelson slater collage 001

It’s been awhile since we caught up with Nelson Slater; in fact, if memory serves, our last blog entry dates back to the release of his Steam-Age Time-Giant album. Turns out Nelson has another LP in the works, this project involving extensive collaboration with Tom Derwent, who’s worked with Nelson for a long time now. Nelson, who’s had more band names than Kiss has had farewell tours, has christened his present ensemble Andylouisian Dogs, and the release-in-progress is Unknown and Unsung. I’ve heard a rough mix of the recording, and I sent a CD of it to David Hintz, whose DC Rock Live is a much-read blog that does a great job of covering the wide range of music that hits Washington, DC. Dave was impressed with the record, and you can read his thoughts about it here.

Other new Nelson Slater news dates back to 1977 and a live performance by Alex Chilton. One year after the release of Nelson’s Wild Angel—an album that Lou Reed produced and played on—Alex Chilton recorded a live cover of one of the songs on that LP. It wasn’t until this year that an album came out of that performance. Live at the Ocean Club ’77 is a 2-LP vinyl release on Norton Records. It’s a great-sounding record cut straight from the master tapes. The final song on the record was Nelson’s “Dominating Force” from Wild Angel. It’s great to see this affirmation of Nelson’s songwriting talent surface now, after existing in a bubble all these years. Great song, great performance:

David Bowie Tribute at Urban Artifact

David Bowie Tribute 001

Tonight (11/20/15) a tribute to the music of David Bowie will take at Urban Artifact in Northside, a new club that has quickly staked its claim as a venue where anything can happen, including one-time-ever projects like this one. The performance will take place from 8pm to 10pm, and it’s free. Where so many musicians seem to get lost in the shuffle as the decades float by, David Bowie has achieved a Mount Rushmore status with a new generation, and this event should make for a lively Sunday evening. The band performing hits from throughout Bowie’s career is the Just Strange Brothers, who recently performed a tribute to Sly and the Family Stone at Urban Artifact, and who, it should be noted, have a horn section, which leads one to suspect that they may hit on some of those funky, groove-oriented tunes from Young Americans and Station to Station—songs like this one:


Holidays on Ludlow This Friday

Blog Holidays on Ludlow 2015

Holidays on Ludlow is back! It starts at 6pm this Friday, Dec. 11, and there’s free parking after 5 in the Merchant Lot on Howell Ave. There are all kinds of fun free activities to choose from that evening, including:

  • Horse Carriage Rides
  • Strolling carolers: Transitions Barbershop Quartet & United Methodist Vocal Choir
  •  Kids Art Activities at Lydia’s on Ludlow, sponsored by CCAC
  • Children’s Photos with Santa, courtesy of Cincinnati EyeCare Team
  • Pet Photos with Santa, courtesy of Howell Avenue Pet Hospital
  • Refreshments at Hansa Guild
  • Wine Tasting at La Poste
  • Warm cider courtesy of Clifton Natural Foods
  • Cookies to nibble at Lentz & Company
  • Christmas Jazz performance by Clifton residents at Lydia’s on Ludlow
  • United Methodist French Horn Ensemble will be playing
  • SCPA Guitarist & Harpist will be playing at Live at the Ludlow Garage
  • Sale items at Mizti’s Shoes & Accessories, plus a chance to win a basket of Good Earth natural skin care products
  • Ludlow Wines, will be hosting their Friday night wine tasting

Not to pick favorites, but this is a splendid opportunity for folks to check out Live at the Ludlow Garage, where there will be musicians performing in the lobby (and a Leigh Nash and Gabe Dixon concert in their performing space as well).  If you didn’t know already, Ludlow Garage isn’t just a concert venue; you can have dinner and a drink there as well  Finally, check out the flyer below to find out what else is happening at Lydia’s on Ludow/Om Eco Cafe: 

Blog Entry Om Eco Dec 11 Christmas


Jim Lauderdale Coming To Live at the Ludlow Garage


Live and Ludlow Garage is now up and running, with several concerts under its belt and many more scheduled; check the calendar for more info. Also, the Garage serves food and alcohol every night, regardless of whether music is playing. I wanted to highlight just one of the shows on tap, this one featuring veteran roots and Americana singer and songwriter Jim Lauderdale; the show is on Saturday, December 12. If you’re not familiar with Lauderdale’s music, I’ll bet you know some of his colleagues. He’s collaborated with Ralph Stanley and Buddy Miller, and he’s also one of the few musicians to work extensively with Robert Hunter other than, well, Jerry Garcia from the Grateful Dead. Robert Hunter, of course, is one of the great storytellers among lyricists, and just as Jerry Garcia turned those stories into unforgettable songs, Jim Lauderdale has also established a strong rapport with Hunter over several albums. In the intimate and acoustically fabulous Live at the Ludlow Garage, Lauderdale’s music will have an opportunity to really shine. Here’s a Hunter-Lauderdale gem entitled “Jawbone” (even the name of the song sounds like vintage Robert Hunter):